Red-Bellied Piranha

Red-Bellied piranhas are a predatory fish that aggressively consumes its prey, kind of like my boys.  Almost like a pack of wild dogs, in a school they go after their victim and within seconds there is no sign of what once was, again, kind of like my boys.  I started this whole juicing thing this past week and I could feel the “water” churning around me and the Red-Bellied piranha moving in.  Son #1: “Is that good?”  Me: “Yes, it is good.” Son#1: “Mind if I try some?” Me: “Yes, I think you will like it.”  As my juicing days move forward….Son #2 sees a glass of my juice….”What’s in the juice?”  It wasn’t long before I was asked to make a “little juice” for them in the morning.  At 4:50 a.m. I was up juicing for the piranha before I became the prey.  I even went one step further and made them a rice milk, strawberry, blueberry and banana smoothie because, well, I was jacked up on juice and was wide awake so why not!  The first fish to come down was my 19-year-old son, he downed the juice but when he saw the smoothie he looked at me like I was something out of the movie Alien and he was waiting for something to climb out of me…like…WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY MOM???  I am quite sure he was hoping that if this was indeed an alien standing in the kitchen that she could just keep providing him with these delicious drinks, other than that, he was ok with the whole thing.

The second fish, the almost 16-year-old, who is more concerned with how his fins (hair) are laying down, than what he is eating joined in…He pounded down the juice that I made and when I offered up the smoothie…”MOM, I HAVE TO GET READY!”  “You don’t have to drink it all right now Anthony, drink some of it and go get ready.”  If that boy does not get the opportunity to put on his cologne and comb his hair 5 times we might be facing an apocalypse that could trump what the Mayans were predicting.  It is finals week so I am really not certain what the relationship is to applying Polo cologne and acing the AP Euro exam is but he has it all figured out, I can only assume it is a Feng Shui thing.   I do not know what happened to “Wow mom thank you, did you really get up at 4:50 a.m. to do this wonderful thing for us ungrateful little men?”  There might have been some sort of thank you in the “Mmmm this is good.”  slurp slurp.

On the weight loss front:  I was around 225 as of January 1st (remember when I got down to 197 last year…), the good news is I am down to 209 lbs!  That is a wonderful 15.8 lb drop since January 1 and I am feeling great!  Life is good!




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