One Size Does NOT Always Fit All

Not every person who is overweight has a food addiction, there are those people who do have hereditary or medical conditions who suffer from obesity.  So, no, one size does NOT always fit all.  You can’t just look at a person and assume they simply just can’t put down the Ben & Jerry’s every night.

Personally, I have a combination of two…not only have I inherited that wonderful fat gene but I love pizza, nachos and Bubble-Gum Flavored Three Olives Vodka which is simply wrong to be so delicious.  Why do I love these foods/drinks so much?  They bring me a sense of  pleasure, happiness and comfort.  Read that last one again…because I hit that on the head.  Comfort.  We run back to things that give us pleasure and make us feel good, things that comfort us.

The challenge is to break the cycle of finding comfort in food and instead, finding comfort in other things. really inspired me to do a bit of a juice fast this week and let me tell you, when you are facing total starvation, a lot of things begin to come into focus in your life.  I don’t really know if I am experiencing clarity or if I have totally went off the deep end but I am going to go on with my ramble and if this comes off strange well then, there ya have it….

I was working on my other blog and the focus of the blog is to inspire people, to give people hope and sometimes the stories are difficult to read…as I am reading my own blog I had this epiphany which may seem totally ridiculous but it made sense to a person jacked up on carrot and cucumber dawned on me…my childhood freaking sucked ass, no wonder I freaking eat pizza, nachos and vodka!  I was like WOW…THIS WAS ME???  I had this major life break through on a juicing fast like a Native American out in the desert with Peyote.  My entire life has been riddled with one strife after the next it is a wonder I haven’t eaten my  arm off!

So I guess the point off this is…shoot…I seriously am sitting here wondering what the point was…I know I had a point….

OH WAIT YES!!!…Finding other ways to comfort yourself when experiencing difficulties and struggles in your life.  Instead of eating my way through my life, I am writing my way through my life and I am bringing closure to a lot of pain, hopefully my strength can bring others light, hope and perhaps a little comfort…and um…not the Southern kind!

Love to all!



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