From the Pulp it.

Wow, what a week!  I have been doing my own version of a juice fast but allowing myself a small meal at dinner,  usually a small piece of meat and a veggie.  I started my fast this past Monday and by yesterday I have to admit I was getting foggy and my head was feeling more than a little strange.  Last night I decided that I was going to throw in extra calories before I ended up rushing myself over to the local urgent care this morning.  I do feel better today and have decided to continue on with my fast, I think I just need to step up dinner a bit.  If I continue to feel poorly I will discontinue the fast (not discontinue juicing which I am loving) and go get my head examined.  There is a bit of a story as to why I would feel the need to do that after a fall last Saturday night in which I hit my head. I am really not going to put all those details out on a blog as to how that all came about but yeah…

Pic from the animal print shop

 Photo From The Animal Print Shop

It is a beautiful sunny day in Seattle and I am going to finish up my taxes and get them filed, grill a Salmon and some veggies, pour myself a glass of vino and put on some smooth Jazz…




*Tip:  When juicing, save the veggie pulp and use in other dishes to add in a health benefit!  I froze some carrot pulp and I am hoping to use in a meatloaf somewhere down the road.  ; )


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