I won my unemployment appeal!  The judge determined that I had just cause!  And…I have an interview on Monday!

*Pauses this message for a HAPPY DANCE!!!


Before I take off for the week-end to the ocean I really wanted to say thank you for everyone who has followed my writing this past year and thank you to all of the new readers that have decided to follow my journey/craziness.  I appreciate all of you!  : )

Elysia and I will take plenty of pics at the ocean..maybe I can sneak in a blog on my iPad or swipe her laptop  : )  I am certain there is bound to be some entertainment value when the two of us strike out on our own. Anyway, taking the Juke in first thing in the morning for its 15,000 mile service and then we are taking off mid-afternoon for a fun-filled week-end.  Yes, Three Olives Bubble Gum Flavored Vodka and diet 7-up is a part of this plan…as it should be!




6 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…

  1. J., Thank you! I have spent two months meditating and the past few weeks juicing…I feel confident that doors are now going to open. : ) And I am down to 205 as of this morn! Yay!!!!

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