To a new beginning!

First, I want to say thank you to everyone for your outpouring of support that I have received since I came back to the blogging world! Not only on this blog, but also on After being gone so long, I’m beyond happy to be back; you guys are too wonderful!

We came back from our beautiful ocean trip today…Two days of the relaxation that I was desperately in need of. I feel like it has helped me start over; helped me to refocus. While I unfortunately didn’t eat the greatest, I did come home today and do 15 minutes on the elliptical (881 strides, 92.5 calories!) and then did approximately 15 minutes of yoga. Actually, correction: I ATTEMPTED yoga. It’s something that I am working on, and I am sure I will get the hang of it eventually. Does anyone have any ood yoga pose ideas for a plus sized girl?!

Tomorrow, I plan on beginning a full, juicing/water only fast for two or three days. I need something to help cleanse my body; to get this heaviness out of the pit of my stomach. Once I’ve finished the two or three days (it’ll depend on how I’m feeling by the second day. If I can go another day, I will), then I’ll add meat and other foods back into the regimen. What I can promise (and boy, do I mean PROMISE) is that I will not go back to the way I have been eating. I’m embarrassed by it, and I refuse to continue. I’m ready to fix my body.

To help myself along, I’m going to create a vision board, both at work and at home. First thing to go one it is something that every girl should own…A little black dress.

Little Black dress

Little Black dress from

Looking at this picture, I can see myself in it; I see myself losing the weight to get there. Other items on my vision board will include a scale that says “155lbs”, a picture of a pastry chef, a picture of a college diploma, etc. All of these things represent goals and dreams that I have, and with the vision board, I will be able to see myself with them, and really feel what it is like to achieve them. I can’t wait to get started!

That’s all for now, friends. Until next time!




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