Make It Go Away

It is that wonderful day of the year that makes me want to stay in bed and pull the covers over head….


For me, this Hallmark holiday couldn’t be any better if someone tossed me in boiling water and fed my remains to a shark.  I was going to write all sorts of negative things about the day (it is my least favorite day of the year) but because I am a glass is half full kind of person I have decided to write about the things I love…

  1. I love my kids even though I am certain they are just trying to break me.
  2. I love pizza – I don’t even think love tops pizza, well in my experience it doesn’t.
  3. I love Veuve Clicquot…this just rocks my tiny little world.
  4. I love sunrises and sunsets…even better if they are over the ocean or mountains.
  5. I love tiny animals, big ones are great too, but there is just something about cuddling a tiny little chihuahua that makes my heart melt.  I have two that I cuddle daily, the third one is barely alive.
  6. I love Dove dark chocolate – my gosh this stuff should be illegal, keep it far away from me.
  7. I love snow, the more the better.  Snow brings back some wonderful memories of ice-skating on frozen lakes and snowmobiling…I love that no two are alike and each one that falls is something remarkably different.
  8. I love that Ben & Jerry’s made Schweddy Balls ice cream, thank you for taking such a hilarious marketing risk.  Once you have Schweddy Balls, it is hard to grab anything else.
  9. I love Dolce & Gabbana purfume (the one with the red top) and I am so damn angry they discontinued this. Now what am I gonna do!??
  10. I love the ocean, it heals my spirit.
  11. I love Christmas – the music, the lights, the trees, the kindness.
  12. I love Apple products – thank you Steve Jobs…I love that the release date of the new iPad has been leaked.
  13. I love fireplaces – curling up on a cold evening in front of the fireplace with my tiny dogs, yep, love it.
  14. I love my Nissan Juke – My BOXHERO plate, even better.  : )
  15. I love brownie batter – OH MY GOSH YES!!!
  16. I love liver and onions – don’t hate, this stuff is so darn good!
  17. I love music – From Smooth Jazz, Pop to Rap, I love it all – Darn Whitney Houston you were too young to leave us.
  18. I love fireflies.
  19. I love fall when the leaves change and my world is full of color.
  20. I love the nail salon – yay for getting spa time!
  21. I love coffee with French Vanilla Creamer.
  22. I love white popcorn.
  23. I love the Twilight series – Yeah, I know it is creepy that I like dead men who drink blood but if the dead man sparkles and still looks that hot dead, well then what can I say.
  24. I love it when the scale goes down!!!
  25. I love each and every Godfather movie – it doesn’t get much better than that.
  26. I love long, hot baths while sipping Bailey’s on the rocks.
  27. I love ____, yep, I REALLY love that. ; )
  28. I love writing.
  29. I love my readers!
  30. I love that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his chest, with a knife. …Just making certain you were still reading.

There, instead of bashing this Hallmark holiday I will focus on a few of the things that I love.  : )




4 thoughts on “Make It Go Away

  1. I love this post! As a recovering Ben & Jerry’s addict, I had to go look up ‘Schweddy Balls,’ immediately…you may be solely responsible for my (still logged and totally on plan) relapse. That sounds phenomenal for my anti-Valentine night tomorrow 🙂

  2. Abbi, I feel really bad sending you into relapse! Schweddy Balls is a dangerous thing, let me tell ya! I love the stuff! : )
    I will be doing the anti-Valentine night right along with you tomorrow!

    : )

  3. I must say I love this post to! Lol. Though it’s hard for me which one I love more #23 The Twilight Saga…or #24 when the scale goes down..that’s a very tough one. I love me some Edward! 😉 Well, I hope you still have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and maybe you’ll get to do and enjoy some of these things you love today. I think you should start your day with some coffee w/ vanilla creamer while watching the sunrise. Then have pizza while watching the Godfather. Later have some Schweddy Balls with brownie batter on it while watching the Twilight Saga and then enjoy a hot bath with some Bailey’s on the rocks. Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day to me! 🙂 Unfortunately all that in one day will not make the scale go But, it would be a wonderful day to me! ~Charity

  4. Charity, I love your thinking! I could just run right down my love list there! I have already completed 1, 4, 5, (I think I could do 8 because I always keep Schweddy Balls in the freezer LOL), 12, 21, 23 (watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night), 28 and 29….I am really considering 30. ; )

    I could just blow through a majority of these and have a grand old time. : )
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you….LOVE YOURSELF!!!


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