This is for the Birds

Birds have got to be on the top of my humor chart.  I love to watch these highly intuitive creatures and the stranger thing is they seem to enjoy watching me.  As I opened the trunk to my Juke and pulled out a bag of popcorn seagulls from miles around gathered to share.  Elysia was almost terrified that I would risk being pecked to death but I have been married for much of my adult life which is essentially the same thing.  No fear here!

When I brought out the popcorn my new friends were quite excited and it was like the old Alfred Hitchcock movie minus the gore.  I was relieved that they were enjoying the organic, lightly salted brand that I had purchased.  I think Elysia was even more horrified that I was giving up the popcorn to my new winged friends.  “GET IN THE CAR MOM, THEY ARE COMING AFTER US!”  I reassured her that the seagulls were not going to kill us on the beach (no more tv for her).  Elysia was pretty scared of the birds, I guess that Finding Nemo MINE! MINE! MINE! scene went deeper into her psyche than I had previously thought.

I was like the bird man of Alcatraz out there on the beach and loving minute of it.  Elysia, on the other hand, wasn’t so thrilled with the whole idea of being surrounded by my new friends who were following me everywhere.  I think she was just jealous that everyone was just flocking around me. Get it?  Flocking round me? *slaps knee laughing.  Don’t hate, that was funny and you know it.

Elysia and I had a nice little getaway and I even made another friend.  He deceptively had me convinced he was Captain Morgan (I should have been wise to the hook on his right hand and the fact that he didn’t assume the Captain’s pose) but I trust too easily.

This was the first mother/daughter trip that Elysia and I have ever had and it was a lot of fun.  I can’t say that I stuck to my diet even though I did take the juicer with me on the trip and used it once.  Sadly there is a pizza place at the ocean that I love….it gets me every time. You can see in that photo exactly where it lands, too!  Darn!

My sentiments exactly Ralph!




2 thoughts on “This is for the Birds

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Now, you are ready to Kick Butt and Take Names this week! 🙂

    I am doing quite a lot of experimenting with my food, exercise, and calorie count. I feel like I am going in circles. This isn’t a bad thing–but it feels bad because I am not losing like I would like too. Sometimes when we change directions it is hard to get the correct rythm–it does for me anyway.

    Love n hugs!

  2. Hi Shonnie! Yes, we did have a nice weekend. I am taking no prisoners in my interview this morning, the suit and heels are on and I am ready to rock. Elysia’s morning didn’t start out so great….hers began with a flat tire on I-5. : (

    You will get the right rythm Shonnie, girl, you just need to put on your dancing shoes!

    Love n hugs right back!

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