Whew! Well that went well…

Nothing like some inspiring stories to kick my butt back into high gear, huh? After poking around a little bit in some blogs, I pretty much jumped up, put my tennis shoes on, and hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes. 1,165 strides, 129.2 calories. FEEL THE BURN! While I can quite honestly say that my eating today was less than on par, thanks to some candy being way too tasty (thanks a bunch, Valentine’s Day…), I am happy that I got a quick workout in.

Tonight, I start my vision board. I bought a corkboard at the store the other day, and it’s ready to be hung and filled with wonderful visions of what I’d like my future to look like. Starting with that black dress…I will wear it one day, I promise! Maybe I’ll create a picture of me in the black dress wearing a chef’s hat, standing in front of a beautiful water-front house with a Lexus in the drive way? I mean…why not just put everything into one picture, right??

Or not. One at a time, I suppose. 🙂

Today’s work out song was “Separate Ways” by Journey. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs, and it got my blood pumping tonight. If anyone saw my workout playlist, I think they’d laught at me. It’s got an amazing mix of everything; all upbeat, all get my heart-rate going.  Now that I have all 7,000 of my songs on my new computer, I can even switch it up a bit. What’s the fun in listening to the same thing over and over?

So, goal for tomorrow is to work out again. Another 20 minutes. I’d like to try to go for 1,200 strides, 130.0 calories. Not too much different from tonight, but a teensy bit more work. Plus, I like even numbers. 😀

Time for about 10 minutes of relaxing yoga, then bed. Sleep well, everyone!



PS: Will be posting on my other blog tonight, too! writingfrommyheart.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “Whew! Well that went well…

  1. Gotta love how music can drive you. I have a “pump up” playlist that I listen to when I’m working out. Really gives me the drive to continue when I want to stop. Sounds like you’re making great strides (pardon the pun)! I’m so glad that you’re doing so well!

    • I thought I posted a comment on this yesterday, but I’m not seeing it! Lol. Thanks for the support, Meghan! I’m super happy to be doing better and especially to be back in the blogging world! And what better than to do it with some awesome music?! 🙂

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