Five More Minutes Mom

I am not a sleeper.  I am a morning person and the earlier the better.  I enjoy those early morning hours where the dark becomes light and even the sleepy birds aren’t ready to sing their song.  This morning, however, I had the hardest time pulling myself out of bed…when I say hardest time, that means it took me a whole ten seconds instead of the usual .5 to greet my day.  I am that girl who most people look at and say, “What are you doing?!”  My eyes open, my feet hit the floor, hi babies (my chihuahuas) and I am ready to grab my coffee.  Today it was more like a eyes open, omg is it morning already!?, it is, it’s light out?,  shit, ok, hi dogs, then my feet hit the floor kinda morning.  I don’t know if it is because I have more on my plate than I can possibly process at this moment and my body has decided that I am a complete idiot to be going at this pace so it shut me down for an extra hour or so?  Whatever it is, I feel like Zack looks…

Yep, eyes bulging, tongue hanging out the side of my mouth, and my ears are back.  Not a pretty sight this morning…looks like I have a nail that I need to tend to as well…

On the juicing home front, I am still juicing daily and I have to say that my skin has never felt so soft, well maybe at birth. I have neglected my elliptical this past week…yeah…I am feeling kind of guilty about that so I had better set aside some time to workout.  Grrr…I am feeling a little grumpy about that.  Time to put on my big girl panties, slurp down some more coffee and find where the hell it is that I misplaced my damn smile…where is that thing….Anyone?




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