Doggone It!

I lost the battle of the barking chihuahuas last night and ended up sleeping on the couch in the bonus room with the dogs.  The half-dead chihuahua Chico, decided he would enjoy his final days turning circles in his kennel for what seemed like hours. He looks like something that was brought back to life in the movie Pet Sematary and with it dark in the room, the sound it was making was like evil trying to gnaw out of its cage.  After I had enough I finally headed downstairs with all of the dogs, which is exactly what they were hoping for, and they curled up an went to sleep.  I was not as fortunate.

I can’t keep up with this doggone battle.  I am going to move to plan B…


I will bring Zack and Tre’s kennel into my room (at least they are not in my bed) and hope that the fact that can see me will be enough to stop Zack from barking every single night.  Well, it sounds good in theory.  : )

I tossed down some coffee this morning, juiced for the entire family (my 15-year-old complained that the beets made the juice taste like dirt but his idea of eating healthy is maybe keeping it down to 2 Oreos a day) and then I made everyone strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana and rice milk smoothies.  Then the delirium  ideas just started flowing…I took 1 cup Greek yogurt, cut up 2 jalapenos, 1 clove of garlic, about 1 tsp red pepper, 1 tsp red pepper flakes and put them in my blender and made a wonderful dip .  I had purchased a Greek yogurt jalepeno dip at the store and then thought to myself…I can do this!  So I did.  That was after I ate nachos…ok so I don’t do so well when I haven’t slept.  The popcorn during the movie I watched was good, too…um…so was the tapioca pudding.  Don’t judge, I was having a moment day week life….something like that.  I am glad that the week-end is over because I blew it big time today.  After playing around with my fuzzy new duster going through my house like Alice from the Brady Bunch, I pretty much just sat on my behind watching t.v. and munching.  Oh my, I just had the sad realization of how much joy my new duster brought me…that was the most excitement I have had since I can’t remember when! Darn, you know it’s pathetic when I squeal like a school girl over a bushy feather duster…I need some sort of intervention.

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