Feeling much better

Sometimes it absolutely drives me crazy how fast a three day weekend flies by! I had a great time though; got to hang out with one of my best friends that I have known since the 5th grade. Unfortunately though, I didn’t get on the ellitical until today. Here are the workout totals:

Time: 20:07 minutes

Strides: 1,303

Calories: 136.9

Average RPM: 31-32

It felt really good to workout again, and I’ve noticed that I’m not getting tired as easily now. I’ve also kept a close eye on what I eat; when my friend and I went out to eat last night, I decided against the cheeseburgers and the fish and chips, and instead I had a DELICIOUS salad that had crab, shrimp, tomatoes, avocado, feta cheeese, and a yummy citrus/cilantro dressing. It was absolutely amazing. I did have a few drinks while we were there (it’s an irish pub…I felt like I had no choice!) but all in all, I thought I made a great decision.

I’ve juiced mulitple times this weekend, and it’s going fairly well for me. I enjoy juicing, and think I have finally found a recipe that I can use in the mornings to keep me full during work: a spinich, apple, wheatgrass, and orange smoothie. Maybe I’ll throw in a banana, too. It definitely filled me up tonight! And mom’s avocado chocolate pudding was one of the tastiest healthy desserts I have ever had. Hats off to mom for that one! *cheers*

I’ve decided I’m going to give myself until next Monday to weigh myself and post it on the blog. I know what my starting weight is, but I’d like to continue to make my workouts and juicing a routine before I start paying attention to how much weight is actually coming off. I’ll post my starting weight next Monday, and then I’ll post how much has been lost, if any. From then on, I’ll weigh in weekly, every Monday. Hopefully I can see some results, no matter how small!

I’m really feeling good about everything right now. I’m continuing to have the motivation to keep going, and have had a lot of inspiration from my almost 20 year old brother, who has lost 20lbs in the past month all by himself, of course with encouragement from all of us at home. He started on his own, and is sticking to eating right. I’m so proud of him, and know he can do it! He’s inspired me to say no to things that I know I shouldn’t indulge in, and he’s shown me that it doesn’t have to be hard. So, a huge thank you to him!!!

It’s time for me to go to bed now, but I’ll definitely be back on here tomorrow! Good night, everyone!





2 thoughts on “Feeling much better

  1. I’m still rolling the idea of the avocado chocolate pudding around in my head…at least it looks good (as compared to my green smoothies, which I love). Think I’ll make it next weekend & try it out on my kids, lol

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