This week was not so good…

I hate to say, I didn’t get on the elliptical all week.

To my defense, Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of me moving the rest of my stuff from my apartment back into Mom’s house, which required MANY trips up and down the stairs, and last night consisted of me walking around the University District, and then standing and dancing while watching one of my favorite bands in concert. The other days? I have no excuse…but goodness….Last night was a blast! The band’s name is Foxy Shazam, and the closest thing I can attribute their sound to is Freddy Mercury, with a bit of a modern twist to it. We went for my best friend’s birthday, and it was a great girl’s night out.

Eating this past week was okay, but I’ve finally decided to keep a food journal each day, to really watch what I put in my body. I’m looking to eventually switch to all organic, fresh foods, and eliminate all that bad processed nastiness again. The only thing that’s currently preventing me to do so is how expensive it is. There’s a Whole Foods about 45 minutes from here, and when I was there today, and I could not believe how expensive everything was. But! They truly have some great foods there, and if me being healthy means spending a bit more, in the long run, being healthier is definitely the better choice. Plus, my favorite produce stand opens again April 1st, and you can bet I’ll be up early that day to go! I love that place 🙂

I found a great picture that I wanted to share with everyone:

Skip the diet! Just eat healthy :)

As posted on Pinterest

How perfect is this?! Just eat healthy, guys. That doesn’t mean starving yourself, that doesn’t mean you can only eat carrots for the rest of your life. Limit portions, and be sensible. I do believe I will be living by this motto from now on.

So, I guess tomorrow is my weigh in day. I am honestly terrified of posting it on here, and have even considered giving myself another week to exercise and eat better. I will make my decision tomorrow, but please don’t be surprised if I postpone it. I hope you guys would understand! I did juice for dinner tonight, but I also had pizza for lunch, so I’m thinking that might have quite a negative effect on me. We’ll see.

At the moment, it’s time for bed. Hope all of you have a wonderful Monday!




7 thoughts on “This week was not so good…

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I personally do not weigh myself . I can’t tell you that I feel thinner but, you know I am not as anxious. Before the scale was like an obsession. My mood was governed by what that number says. Just take it easy girl. Like Scarlett O’Hara said “tomorrow is another day”.

    Stay Curvy

    • Thanks Elvira! I decided against the scale today, but maybe I’ll get there next week. I just feel like I have to face the scale once a week, just to check progress, if any. So…hopefully this week will be a good one!

  2. Oh wow, I now have Foxy Shazam playing on You Tube. They are FABULOUS! I’m a big Queen fan and love any band that sounds remotely like them (such as The Darkness and Mika). THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing about them! What a treat to hear first thing in the morning!

    As for not working out, don’t beat yourself up. Just get right back into it. Whole Foods is very expensive, but they always have sales. I just go for the sales.

    Cheers! 🙂

  3. That’s a great motto and one that I stand by! I understand the fear of weighing-in but you can’t let the idea that the number on the scale may not be what you want hinder you. You are stronger than the scale! We’re all here to support you Elysia and I know you can achieve your goals 🙂

    • I think I will give myself another week to try to nail down my good habits and then next Monday I will weigh in “officially”. I don’t know why I’m so afraid of the scale…Hopefully I’ll get over that soon! Thanks as always for all your support 🙂

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