The Standoff

I walked past my exercise room today and there is was, THE ELLIPTICAL, almost staring right at me, perhaps even challenging me.  I have had every intention over the past few weeks to get back in the saddle but I have made up every excuse not hop back on.   Today was different.  Today it was like a shootout at the O.K. Corral.  I wasn’t about to let a piece of gym equipment make me feel all guilty, I accepted the challenge. I came heavily armed with Kenny Loggins on my iTunes.  You just can’t lose with Danger Zone.  Of Course, no workout is complete without a little Flo Rida – In The Ayer but what I REALLY, REALLY love is Diana King’s Shy Guy.  Oh Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy….this song turns up the heat for me.  I would personally enjoy a take charge kinda guy but hey, she sings this with such feeling and conviction that I am seriously interested in what all the shy guy fuss is all about.  ; )

Shy Guy is often put on repeat on my playlist.  It has that beat that just makes me what to get up and dance.  It is on the my list of things that make me happy.  : )

So, with all my ammo I was able to pull off a pretty powerful workout and now I can stop feeling like my elliptical is mocking me.


Take It Or Leave It…

Take inventory.  Inventory?  Yes, inventory.  Look around you and take inventory of all the positives in your life, throw out  or minimize the negatives.  When your life is filled with challenges you will find that there are days that you open your eyes and end begin to entertain the negative, let it go.  Take that moment to take a deep breath and start your day off right.   One way to start thinking positive is to set a positive affirmation by your bed at night, make it the first thing you read in the morning.  Consider placing another where you get ready for your day or maybe you have your favorite song ready to play on your playlist…mercy, mercy, mercy… Surround yourself with the positive.  : )




10 thoughts on “The Standoff

    • Shy Guy is a must have on every playlist. : )
      I love old school!
      Man vs Wild, Man vs Food, Beth vs Machine. I couldn’t go another guilt-ridden day for not working out…rage against the machines. : )
      Thanks Mouse!

  1. I actually starting taking inventory yesterday…of the bad things i mean and automatically the good of course. Something happened to my dear hubby and he is guilt ridden and so sad and literally sick about it. That kind of opened my eyes to what is positive. I am really working on banning the negative, i hope i can hold on ! Thank you for your thoughts !

  2. I know from experience that it is hard to face the positive when you are facing adversity. Six years ago my husband almost died from internal bleeding due to undiagnosed cancer. After he won the cancer battle he developed an autoimmune disorder that detroys his platelets and the meds that they placed him on destroyed him as a person. I have spent six years very much empty and alone. The past 3-4 years I have had to handle most everything inside and outside of our home as he is only seems to be able to handle work and very little else. This past year I had to make the decision on whether I was going to continue to build walls of negativity all around me or whether I was going to be the game changer in my life. Negative breeds more negative. In December I took a huge risk and left my place of employment which was a very toxic environment, I have never quit a job before and while it has placed a bit of a burdon on me to figure it all out, I am confident that I will. I have taken dramatic steps to bring some happiness into my life and I hope that you are able to bring some happiness into yours. If it helps, put your inventory of the positives in writing and look at it every day. If you feel like you can’t hold on…contact me, I will lift you up and give you a thousand reasons to cling tighter. My thoughts are with you!

    • I love that you took control of your negative environment and made changes to fix it. That takes a lot of courage! I have been in a few toxic work environments, and once it reaches that point, the only thing left to do is cut your losses and walk away. Good for you.

      • Thank you suzyness. While I have just walked out of a position before, the decision was easy. I grew strong enough within myself to not allow another man to treat me poorly and was through with the abuse. Sometimes the money just isn’t worth the pain! : )

  3. I hate gym equipment (issues from HS gym class) Seeing it always changes me to a negative focus.

    BUT – I love dancing and I found out, it’s actually exercise!!! No ellipical for me. I say you use it as a clothes hanger, pull out some Kenny Loggins and shake it till it falls off. LOL

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