What NOT To Do

I had no idea that I had put Alanis Morissette in my Road Trip Ramblings playlist which I used today for my workout. There I am going to town on my elliptical  when You Oughta Know comes up.  Sixteen years of personal growth was thrown out the door in 4.08 minutes.  Suddenly I was angry and howling singing along and was disturbed that I remembered every word after all of those years.  Kelly Clarkson saved the moment with Mr. Know It All and was able to bring me back to 2012.  Whew! So my excercise tip of the day is KNOW YOUR PLAYLIST!

Another great workout song (please shout out if you have had enough of these) is Anthony Hamilton and WOO.  Woooo this is good!

Maybe I should submit my playlist to a therapist and have them analyze that? ; )

Today I applied for what seemed like the hundredth admin position and I am thinking that it would simplify my life if I just nailed the lottery and went on an amazing adventure to all of the places that I have dreamed of going.  I just may be the only person left in the U.S. who hasn’t been to Vegas….not that I like to gamble, because quite honestly, I can’t stand throwing money away , BUT isn’t Vegas like a rite of passage? My idea of leaving the country has been Canada.  That doesn’t even qualify really.  A sheltered life I lead.  It probably isn’t such a good idea for me to go to Vegas…I would end up missing a tooth and have to give Mike Tyson his tiger back while being chased by a naked Asian…not so sure the whole thing would be worth it…but then again…I really do feel up for the challenge.  Vegas Baby!  Well, I can still dream.  Now the reality is that I have to clean my hardwoods and finish my laundry.




4 thoughts on “What NOT To Do

  1. I haven’t gone to Vegas either lol so you are not alone. I love your playlist and I Oughta Know it awesome. In my playlist I have Footloose by Kenny Loggins. Sometimes you just have to go old school.

    • Ok, so now there are two of us that haven’t went to Vegas! : ) Glad you like the playlist, it makes me laugh sometimes when I look at my extensive variety in music…It looks like I should have multiple personality disorder. ; ) Alanis got me through my divorce, I should be greatful. Kenny Loggins…LOVE IT!

      • Nope, three of us.

        I haven’t been for the same reason as you. I put money in a slot machine once and had a hissy fit ’cause I didn’t get any gum or chips or anything. I hear the shows are great.

        Try the Caribbean, it’s awesome and the people are really laid back. Steel drums would be an awesome addition to your playlist.

        I love your sense of humor.

      • Yay! There is three of us now! I really can’t go to Vegas, when I have went to the local slot machines I lose my mind when they take my money. I just can’t process the whole thing…I work hard and then I stick my money into this machine and walk away with nothing??? Oh my gosh I can go to Macy’s and drop $75 on some new purfume and then at least I am going to smell really good. Every now and again I will get a moment of temporary insanity and go to the casino but it is like prying money out of a dead persons cold, stiff hands. I usually just end up in the club dancing!
        Speaking of steel drums…funny you should mention that…I was listening to that on iTunes over the week-end! Yes, I should add that to my playlist! : )
        I am glad you like my sense of humor….it is how I have survived in life. ; )

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