Ruff Night

Tre staring at me.

Yesterday my elderly Shih Tzu A.J. and my sickly, snarling, raptor-like chihuahua Chico were euthanized;  this was met with mixed emotion.  Of course, you do not want you pets to suffer but at the same time you selfishly do not want them to ever leave your side.  My other two chihuahuas were in their kennel when their “friends” left for the animal hospital and after a while I let them out; they simply stared at me.  This wasn’t the usual “Hey, what are you doing” stare, it was more of a “What kind of human being are you?!” kinda stare.  After receiving an abundance of a master canine guilt trip I finally turned to my remaining babies and said, “I am sorry boys, your friends are no longer with us.”  What came next was completely unexpected.  My 4 1/2 pound chihuahua Tre jumped up and began barking profusely at me and I am pretty certain he wasn’t asking for a Milk Bone either.  It was as if my dogs completely understood the human words that I had spoken to them.  Zack jumped out of the empty copy paper box underneath my desk that they claimed as theirs when I write and he began to whine.  Tre was shouting, Zack was crying and I was

Zack quite sad.

calling out to my son Anthony, “DO YOU HEAR THIS?!” They both quickly climbed up on my lap for “loves”. The remainder of the day Tre and Zack grieved for their missing friends and it was one of the most difficult things I have had to witness, animals grieving for the loss of one of their own.  When I put them to bed Zack began working himself into a panting and barking frenzy and pretty soon the little buggers ended up snuggling in bed with me.  I didn’t get the best sleep last night between Tre sticking his stilt-like legs into my back and Zack pacing the bed like a night watchman.  Tre is a little guy and I woke up thinking I was snuggled up to his tiny, little face, well, I wasn’t.  I guess that is what I get for taking their friends away…dog butt in my face.  I suppose I deserve dog butt, wouldn’t be the first time…I have been married twice . *laughs at own joke. ; )

Today I am just going to relax.  Last week was a challenging week for me and I just want to take a moment or two to collect my thoughts.  I will leave you with Dara Maclean and Suitcases on this thoughtful Sunday morning. My almost 16 year-old son calls this the “chick flick” song. He says listening to it makes him feel like he belongs in a chick flick. So…here is our “chick flick” song…enjoy!

Take It Or Leave It…

You may hear the words spoken or written that life is short but take a moment to really absorb and process those words.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, move toward a healthier lifestyle or are simply just trying to improve your spirit, always remember that your time here is limited. Find happiness in every moment that you can and look for ways to bring happiness to others.  PAY IT FORWARD!



10 thoughts on “Ruff Night

  1. I am so sorry for your losses. Letting go of a beloved pet is very hard but, they are free now from pain. I love this song and her voice wow. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you Elvie for your kind words. It was a sad day but I know that they are not suffering any longer.

      I love that song as well, it lifts me up and reminds me to let go of my baggage. ; )

  2. I know how attached you were to your babies Beth but Elvie is right, they are no longer in pain and you have two other babies that need you more than ever now. I would have loved to see you when I was in Washington but perhaps next time. Love and miss you crazy woman! XOs

    • Thank you Kim, yesterday was difficult but I feel better knowing that they are not suffering. I am so sorry I didn’t see you while you were here. Please call me when you are back in town and I will move mountains to see you. I love and miss you as well! Be safe!

  3. My husband’s dog was put to sleep and he grieved for two years afterward.

    Dogs love you no matter how messed up you are and losing that love is tough.

    So sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you so much. It is strange today not seeing/hearing them, but I have experienced enough death in my life to feel good about laying them to rest. They were very sick little guys and I am at ease, sad yes, but at peace with it all.

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