Dammit Sarah Connor

Weren’t you supposed to have participated in the whole rage against the machines situation?

Photo courtesy of flowtv.org

My elliptical has developed the ability to find me through walls and ceilings and climb into my brain creating massive guilt, it also kicks my behind almost daily but I don’t see anyone from the future around here coming to my rescue.  Perhaps this was an oversight on your part.

I am pretty certain my elliptical has been sent here to terminate me.  Of course, I thought that about my ex as well.  Both leave you wishing like you hadn’t ever climbed on.  Oh…are we live?  Can I say that?  *Taps on screen.  Yep, it’s in print.  *Adjusts halo. : )

I guess it is time to take matters into my own hands.  I need to beef up like Sarah Connor so I can take on my elliptical.  I had better drag those weights back out.  As long as I don’t start looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  ; )


Take It Or Leave It…

It’s ok to rage against the machine just as long as you get back on it!  This advice does not apply to the ex.  ; )  *re-adjusts halo…..




16 thoughts on “Dammit Sarah Connor

  1. Thank you for the follow coachcrystalspadawan! I typically am halo challenged but I find it pretty simple just to re-adjust it every now and again. ; ) I loved the Bobby Boucher’s mom reference…”You don’t have what they call “the social skills.” That’s why you never have any friends, ‘cept fo’ yo’ mama. ” : ) Love it!

  2. Hehe – love it!

    Yep. Get those weight out. It’s about time we women started to realise that if you can do it without grunting and building a sweat, it’s too darn light for you, and you’re not burning much in the way of calories either. Bump your weights up, and lift heavy! 🙂

    (OK, I’m a weights addict. But what I’m saying is still true. No pain, no gain, baby!)

    • : ) Yeah, I am going to start “pumping iron” again”, it is time! Would have been easier to just terminate my elliptical…. ; )
      Thank you for stopping by!

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