Reporting Live in Seattle

I grabbed my morning cup of java, looked out at the unexpected beautiful snowfall and sat down to read our local news online.  What caught my attention was an article titled:

Convenient cupcakes are dangerous for dieters.

I don’t know who sits at the desk and makes this stuff up and I certainly don’t wish to judge but I have a news flash here for them:

It is not the accessibility of the cupcake, it is the amount of consumption!

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Convenient, inconvenient, it really doesn’t matter how or when we lifestyle changers get the round, tiny circles of yumminess into our paws, it is only dangerous depending on the frame of mind!  *tries to write while staring at cupcake picture above…Cupcakes are readily available at my local 24 hour grocery store but that doesn’t mean that it is dangerous for me as a “dieter”. Evidently the article is referring to a Beverly Hills bakery that is installing an ATM-like machine for cupcakes so cupcake junkies can have access to the sugary goodness 24/7. The title to the article conjures up an image in my mind of walking past the cupcake ATM at 2:00 a.m. as its robotic arm reaches out to pull me in. The title suggest I have no self-control or will-power over a gourmet treat, which I have plenty of. Are you aware that a round trip ticket from Seattle to Beverly Hills is $284.00 including taxes and fees with a 14 days advanced purchase through Expedia…Just an observation.

The reality is called common sense.  One cupcake at 2:00 a.m. is not going to be an end-all to your diet/lifestyle change but if you find yourself holding up the ATM or playing some sort of instrument, with a hat on the ground next to the machine because you owe Johnny Cupcakes and his boys thirty grand for your sugar habit, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate.  *begins to wonder if the cupcakes come in double fudge…

Take It Or Leave It…

Life requires balance.  If you overindulged on something that brought you pleasure, don’t throw in the towel because you think you “blew it.”, balance it with healthy eating and exercise.  Life is short, let them eat cupcake!

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This is Beth reporting live from the snowy Seattle foothills, back to you readers!


4 thoughts on “Reporting Live in Seattle

  1. Whoever thought of that is going to the bad place. That is soooo wrong.

    Those rich Beverly Hills folks think that they can just go around tempting everyone with ATM cupcakes and get away with it. The nerve!!!

    The rules apply to them just like everyone else.

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