Those pesky calories…


Those darn calories! I thought something fishy was going on there…I mean, I have been doing a lot better, right? It’s just those tiny creatures that are tightening my clothes. Yes, that must be it.

*looks around*

…or not.

I’m not sure where my head has been lately, but it hasn’t really focused, and I can’t seem to pinpoint why. I go to bed at night saying “Tomorrow is a new day!” and then wake up saying “Yeah, today’s not good either”. Does this happen to anyone else? I can’t POSSIBLY be the only one, but I just wish I could break this ridiculous cycle.

I did, however, walk around the mall yesterday for about and hour and a half after eating some delicious sushi. I’d say yesterday was actually a pretty decent success. Today, well, not so much. I’ve definitely been trying to get into the mindset of “This is my body, and I should only put good things in it” but much to my misfortune, I’m a Pepsi addict, and a good deal of the foods that are tasty are also not so good for me. *sigh*

As for everything else in my life, it’s not going too bad. I’m still looking to go to school, and I’m going to try for this Fall. It’s going to mean a great deal of changes, but it’s also going to make me quite a bit happier. I also found a new author, whose quotes I really enjoy. His name is Jonathan Safran Foer, and he is the author of “Everything is Illuminated”.

“My story is the story of everyone I have ever met.” – Jonathon Safran Foer

This reminds me that all of you who are here for me are part of my story; you have influenced me, taught me great lessons, and I will cherish that for the rest of my life. Many, many thanks to all of you 🙂

To end, how about something funny?

For some reason, that picture makes me laugh every single time.

Hope all is well with everyone! Tomorrow’s Wednesday already! Let’s end the week better that it started!




6 thoughts on “Those pesky calories…

  1. I read somewhere that clothes are smaller in the winter than they are in the spring or summer. It has something to do with the tilt of the earth or something.

    My suggestion is that you wait until at least May or so and try those clothes on again. I bet they’ll fit.

  2. Just keep pushing yourself Elysia! Sometimes things don’t happen the way that we want them too but think about it as a long term game (That’s what I did at least) if a majority of days you are determined to reach your goals you eventually will! You can do it 🙂

    • Thanks, David! Seeing it as a long term game is a good idea! I’ll have to keep that in mind. I think I just have to shake this weird mindset I have going on…but I know I’ll get there. Thank you for the support!! 🙂

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