Am I Mutant?

I took that leap and brought out more of my weights, determined to  step up my game. I waited, intently focused on the burn, nothing happened.  I refused to give up.  I recalled the scene in Epic Movie where Carmen Electra is transformed from sexy mutant to a “fat blue Britney Spears” complete with flab hanging so far down her arms that she looked like she could fly.


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Trust me, the transformation photo wasn’t anything you want to see with your morning coffee. So, there I am wondering if I am going to continue looking like the “fat blue Britney Spears”.  It didn’t seem like it was so long ago that I looked like this photo of Carmen Electra, ok, I lied to all of you just now and I apologize…my breasts have NEVER looked like this photo and I am NOT blue and scaly.  I recognize that it is time to reclaim my pre-pregnant body, after all, the baby will be 16 in May.  Yeah, so, anyway…

Where was the burn?  Back in the day when I used to be an avid weight lifter, I never had a problem feeling the burn.  When you feel the burn you know that you are ripping muscles in which case you will be building more muscle, but alas there was no burn.  I wait a bit longer and then reality kicks in.  I have to pick them up!  That’s right, having the weights in my sight isn’t going to magically make my arms more toned, I actually have to have them in my hands. Damn.


Put those weights in your hands friends and get moving!

Take It Or Leave It…

Do what it takes to make you feel good about yourself.  If that means that you need to hire some buff, gorgeous, ripped guy named SVEN to ….uh…where was I going with this?  Oh Yes!!!  I was going to discuss motivation but for some reason I just sat here for 10 minutes lost in thought.  Don’t hesitate to talk to a personal trainer about the areas that you wish to improve if that gets you motivated.  You can always find an abundance of information on the web about what exercises target what areas….BLAH BLAH BLAH…for Pete’s sake where did I come up with SVEN???  




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