No Pain, No Gain And Other Disturbing Truths

Yesterday morning I grabbed my usual coffee and instead of heading to my computer I decided to park my behind in front of the tv and watch a few movies.  Of course the guilt started to set in so I picked up my 5 lb hand weights so I wouldn’t feel so bad about the fact that I was set out to accomplish absolutely nothing at all.  My almost 16 year-old son Anthony was sitting across the room from me typing away on his laptop and took a moment to offer me his sound advice:

Anthony:  “Just keep lifting till you feel like you can’t lift any more and then keep lifting after that.
Me:  “I’m 43 Anthony, I will not recover for 2 months if I lift like that”
Anthony:  “That’s what I did when I started, of course I hurt for about a week afterwards.”

Hmm…translate that from teen body to 43 year-old body….yep…my original calculations were correct, it would probably take me two months to recover.

As I am trying to concentrate on my movie and lifting these weights repeatedly I slowly began to feel the “burn”.  When I say “burn”, what I am really trying to convey here is that I thought my freaking arms were going to fall off but there was no way in hell that I was going to stop since my son would occasionally look up from his laptop to check my progress.  Pretty soon I really wasn’t even focused on the movie, and began to surmise that if I had a stroke or heart attack at this point, I would probably not know the difference because my left arm was going numb.  I went from holding those weights like I did my pom poms back in high school, smiling and cheering to grunting and cursing like I was the captain of the football team. Suddenly the 5 lb weights mysteriously turned into 100 lb weights…yes, I am quite certain this happened, although I am not sure how.  The longer I lifted the heavier the weights became, pretty soon I was bench pressing about 1000 I would guess.  I looked down at the weights…huh?!…still says 5 lbs on the end.  Perhaps that was short for 500 lbs because I am pretty darn sure that those weights were now 500 lbs each and I could no longer lift them.

I was relieved to get through my day with very little pain, that is, until I opened my eyes this morning.  If you have seen the movie ‘Awake’ where Haden Christianson’s character suffers from anesthetic awareness during surgery, he is paralysed rendering him unable to call out for help…that was me this morning.  My upper body hurt so badly that when I awoke I lay there for a moment wondering if I would move again.  The photo below closely resembles me, yeah…a bit of a baby…

Photo courtesy of

Take It Or Leave It…

My son is right, push your limits (always check with your doctor first).  Get out of your comfort zone and when you think you can’t do one more, do one more.  It really is a great feeling when you do not believe that you can do something and you give it one more try and succeed.  Don’t forget to be good to you, it pays off.  While I may not be at my ideal weight, I can already see and feel a difference. Keep pushing!   : )





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