Please may I have my hour of sleep back?  It is amazing how the removal of a single hour from your life can throw your body completely out of whack.  I had minimal sleep last night between my own personal clock being thrown off and my very needy dog, Zack, crying because I have taken away what he believes is his dog-given right as a pack animal to sleep in my bed.  I felt my way from the second floor to the first, like a scene out of The Miracle Worker.  My son greeted me with, “You look tired.” I replied with, “Mmmhhhmm hhm mhhmm.”, which is exhaustion for “I didn’t sleep last night. I want my hour back. I am removing the dog’s voice box today. Zack kept me up.” I actually have to set my iPhone on a dock and turn up relaxing spa music to soothe my chihuahua so he will fall asleep.  Yes, you read that correctly, spa music for my dog. It’s like I have the Paris Hilton starter kit of chihuahuas. I sat my iPhone on a timer and when the timer went off he began to cry like Robert De Niro in Analyse This.  The realization hit me last night that I was not an owner but the OWNED.

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While he howled like a wild banchee, I pouted much like Sarah Palin.  Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

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Today’s list of things to accomplish:

  • Get on my elliptical
  • Actually move while on my elliptical (I found out that it doesn’t count if you climb on and then climb off)
  • Inflict pain upon myself Lift hand weights – better than my elliptical.
  • Look for work (I would really appreciate it if all of you would let me play the lotto by myself this week, I will reciprocate next week after I have won. Thanks in advance.)
  • Wash laundry (This could have been done over the week-end but I was busy accomplishing nothing had so many other things going on)
  • Do some house cleaning….yeah…that’s not gonna happen today
  • Make stuffed peppers (Yum)

That pretty much covers it.  I am moving like a banana slug this morning!

Take It Or Leave It…

Try not to feel like you have to complete your list all in one day.  Make certain to take time out for yourself….ok…so I am trying to justify why I will not complete the clean house portion of my list today, that’s ok, too!  Spring ahead has caused me to fall back.  ; )

Happy Monday!




8 thoughts on “GIVE IT BACK!

  1. Enjoyed this post. I own 2 cats who, own me. I just think I own them.

    Enjoy the hand weighting.

    I think it might be possible to gain without pain. Don’t work with both hand weights, simultaneously. Focus on the hand without the weight, and how good it feels.

    • Thank you for the advice Dave, I love the idea of focusing on the hand without the weight…It is all about perception! : )
      If you have cats, yes, you are owned! One of my favorite sites…

  2. My kids and hubby love to call me just as I am falling into a great nap. I don’t want to unplug the phone (yes, I still have a land line) because it may be an emergency (it never is.)

    Then…the sadists who live behind me choose to neglect their Great Dane. She expresses her displeasure with endless barking.

    I’d like to tether the owner to the deck all day and dump their water out and see how they like it but I think that would be illegal.

    Lack of sleep causes ranting….

    • I never let my babies bark outside, of course, Zack barks inside at midnight 4 feet from my bed while in his kennel while I frantically switch from spa music to sounds of the outdoors. One of these nights I am going to put him in the other room with AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, I wonder how that would work out.

      • I bet your babies live in your house, too. Great Danes are short-haired dogs but my neighbors keep them out all day, even on the coldest winter days.

        I think people need to take a test before they can adopt a pet.

      • I completely agree! And yes, my babies live inside the house. It actually looks like a toddler lives here because Zack pulls out all of his toys like a little kid! I am a softie, that dog stole my heart!

  3. LMAO Your blogs always make me laugh. Your chichuahua sounds like a trip. And I am glad you learned the sad truth about the elliptical. Shit doesn’t work if you don’t do it. I don’t make list but, I love yours good luck with the job hunting. May the Universe bring you the right job, for the right pay. Blessings!

  4. Glad I can make you laugh Elvie, my life really is this funny. ; ) Yeah…I did get on the elliptical today and actually move…even though I felt pretty tired after pulling what seemed like an all-nighter last night. I love your blog as well and I appreciate your kind words and wishes for the right job, considering the last one was a nightmare, I need something good to come my way! Thank you so much!
    By the way, Zack IS a trip…even with all of his neediness, he has brought me more laughter and joy than I ever though possible. : )

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