I think I have discovered something that could be used against U.S. foreign enemies and I discovered this completely by accident.  I used my Power Juicer on Saturday and usually I clean it immediately following, but I got lazy busy over the weekend and I completely forgot about it.  I was so tired yesterday morning that I just grabbed coffee and headed right back upstairs oblivious to my environment but after my caffeine rejuvenation I headed downstairs early afternoon to juice.  HOLY COW!  Something had died in my kitchen.  Oh geez, the juicer.  When I opened that baby up my dogs even headed for the other room and I nearly hit the floor.  After standing there for several minutes talking to myself  and making hideous faces…you know the usual…”OMG!  BLAH!  Do you smell this Zack?  ZACK???  HOLY SH*T!!!  Oh, so NOW you don’t want to be with me huh Zack?!  Way to bail!”  If you follow my blog then you already know Zack is one of my two needy chihuahuas that love to spend every waking/sleeping moment right next to me.  Suddenly, he was nowhere to be found. So, there I am in the kitchen with the realization that I have created some sort of biological agent that could be used in warfare, but my dog was already four paws ahead of me and had already taken cover.  Another few hours and this probably would have wiped out my entire neighborhood.  Don’t try this at home friends!  To the government:  The key is organic fruits and vegetables….call me.

And then…

SNOW.  Yes, beautiful snow in the areas around Seattle. I woke up to about two inches of snow, my son’s high school has a two-hour delay.  Once again, this snowfall was not predicted.  Of course, on our local station’s website it also says that it is not sticking to road ways which is strange because my road is covered and so was the road that they showed when I flipped on the tv to watch their newscast.

This was taken right outside my front door and you can see there is a road with none other than snow on it….just an observation.  Right after I snapped this photo it began to snow hard again.  : )  I am a bit of a freak, I absolutely love snow.  When the snow is falling I love to bundle up and walk in it.  In fact, if it is the first snowfall of the season, and it occurs at night, I wake up my teens/adult kids and we all go out in it.  : )  There is just something magical about snow, especially on evergreens.  To the naysayers that complain about driving in it…learn to.  I am from Michigan so driving in the snow is almost instict.

 View from my home office.

Take It Or Leave It…

Don’t miss those opportunities in life to simply enjoy the moment, to take in the beauty in life all around you.  Last night I enjoyed this little beauty that I whipped up.  : ) Oh…and don’t forget to clean your juicer.  ; )




23 thoughts on “Biohazard

  1. Slide down the map and we got snow also.
    Not enough for me… I’m a snow lover too.
    Love that the weather people can’t seem to call it right
    around here even when it is before their eyes. LOL

  2. Hehe – yeah, our homegrown stuff always deteriorates REALLY quickly.

    One day, over a beer, I’ll tell you a story about a bucket of plums I forgot about in the shed…Louis Pasteur had NOTHING on this, I tell ya!

  3. LOL it sounds like it got dangerous there for a minute. Zack just cracks me up. The peppers that you cooked up look delicious. Now I am hungry:-)

    • The stench from my juicer was something I don’t ever want to experience again! Zack has to be the world’s funniest dog. Everybody that meets him, loves him. Sorry I made you hungry… I am a stuffed pepper master! : )

    • That is incredibly sweet Elvie and most appreciated, however, I have to very politely decline. I received a Sunshine Award only a few days ago and couldn’t possible accept another so soon. I thank you for loving my blog and thinking enough of me to nominate me, you made my day!

  4. We get that stink when I leave broccoli pulp in the juicer… ewwww. So gross! The rest aren’t so terrible (to us at least). It seems like the farmers market stuff goes bad a lot more quickly than TJ’s or Costco (even though it’s all organic).

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