Farewell Nordi

Nordi’s Eulogy

My friend and I met last fall, he was strong, sturdy and was definitely gym quality.  The first few times I climbed up on him I felt my heart race and I regretted my decision to bring him home.  I knew that it was going to take time for our relationship to grow and I was a bit impatient.  I sized him up every single time I walked in the room.  I didn’t like the way he beckoned me or made me feel guilty when I didn’t ride him, I found it quite offensive.  He was very patient with me and over time I became more confident, developed more stamina, and road him almost daily.  Little did I know that our time together would be brief.  
 Recently I spoke of ending his life since it was becoming more and more apparent that he was trying to end mine.  Evidently he must have found truth in what I said because when I went to turn him on yesterday and climbed on top of him, he groaned in agony and then gently began slipping away from me.  No one in my family admits to his murder (you know who you are) so I can only deduce that he took his own life….tired of me climbing on top of him…much like my ex.  I will miss my workout buddy and wonder what I will do without him.  May he rest in peace or pieces.  I guess there is always Sven…

Take It Or Leave It…
*sniffs…Never purchase gym equipment off of Craigslist even if it looks like it came off of a showroom floor. *sniffs.  I paid $500 for my dearly departed friend less than 6 months ago.  This baby looked brand new and hardly used, now it is DEAD.  Always remember that you get what you pay for. This is also a very good reminder of the power of attraction.  It wasn’t that long ago I talked about terminating it….
Careful what you wish for out there…

23 thoughts on “Farewell Nordi

  1. Such passionate words. If I didn’t know this dude Nordi was a cross training machine…Ill leave it that.
    it truly never is easy to let go of an old friend…

  2. LMFAO you have a gift this one is great. And Shaun T’s workout really is Insane I saw him on Dr. Oz once. Great blog!

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