Today is going to be a fairly relaxing day, my boys do not have school.  I have to run an errand, do some job hunting and then it is movie day with the guys.

Anthony and I have been wanting to watch Anonymous which suggests that Shakespeare was perhaps a fraud. Of course we have to watch TINTIN just because it looks so cute, Hugo because…well…because Jude law is Hugo’s father…nuff said.  Fireflies in the Garden…probably need tissue for that one and finally Wedding Date….love it!  Here is my little rant about Red Box.  Yesterday I had Hugo on Blu-ray in my online “cart” and then all of a sudden it wasn’t available, somebody cybersnatched it out of my cart.  That is like being at Best Buy and somebody stealing the movie out of your cart.  Not ok Red Box, not ok. I still ended up with Hugo, just not on Blu-ray.

Advice to Red Box users:  Check out after you choose each movie or you are not guaranteed your movie just because you put it in your cart thinking it is all safe and secure.  Do not let your movie time get ruined by a cybersnatch….um…yeah…ahem..moving right along…..

I’ve got nothing after that.

Oh…yes…been lifting with hand weights and it is going along fine.  Yep.  Really got nothing after that.

Take It Or Leave It…

This is where I usually give some sort of advice….today I will say…don’t ever use the word cybersnatch in a well-meaning sentence. : )




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