My oldest child has set her wedding date for the tenth time.  It looks like this week we are on for June 15, 2013.  Her fiance has demanded a “dry” wedding with the exception of a champagne toast for the bride and groom.  In order for me to watch my baby girl marry this guy I am going to have to contact several distilleries and make some connections.  At this point, I would even consider talking to the makers of Boones Farm and haven’t ruled out negotiating with the makers of Mad Dog 20/20.

*Disclaimer:  Intense research was done on the previous paragraph as I have no knowledge of Boones Farm or Mad Dog 20/20 nor did I ever experiment with them 26 years ago.  Let’s be clear on that friends.

Then there is the mother-of-the-bride dress.  My daughter has chosen pink and green as her wedding theme colors. I typically do not ever wear pastels…they tend to drain all color out of my face. I remember my mother-in-law wearing black with cougar trim fur on my wedding day when our colors were burgundy and cream.  Nothing says welcome to the family quite like all black and cougar trim.  So yeah, I will politely go with the pink even though I will look like something out of  The Walking Dead.  This is my baby girl’s day, I have been through enough of these ceremonies to know that eventually you are going to look and/or feel like this anyway.  If not on that day, give it a year or so.

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You know what this means….yep…it’s time to step up my game big time.  I have 15 months before D-Day.  This means I get out my Biggest Loser DVD, My Wii Fit (don’t hate, I love that thing), My Celebrity Fitness Boot camp DVD, my ankle weights, my stair step thingy and continue my weights.  If I have to wear a dress and get pictures taken, that is incentive enough for me!

Take It Or Leave It:

When your child is marrying somebody that is so far from perfect that you would rather just drink the Kool aid at a Jim Jones picnic, try to keep in mind that is about their happiness, not yours.  


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13 thoughts on “Mother-of-the-Bride

  1. Maybe you can compromise and go with a darker pink: a deep rose, or dusky mauve, something along those lines. I know how you feel. Pale skin with a pink outfit is a very tricky look to pull off!

    • Good morning Allison! Whatever I end up in I just keep reminding myself that it is her day not mine. I am sure I will be experimenting with every shade of pink possible. ; )

      • My wedding was more for my mom than for me! I didn’t even want a wedding, but I was the first kid in our family to get married so she insisted. At least she paid for everything, though! 🙂

  2. Don’t Worry, Be Happy…..I mean, I’m not a fashion hound, and men have a more, ‘I don’t care’ attitude. So, maybe we just don’t get it. The best I can offer from that retrospect: Don’t Worry, Be Happy 🙂

  3. How about a pretty sage green…it will compliment and is a fabulous color for redheads! I have this saying…nothing like a wedding to tear a good family apart! lol! Weddings for some reason just bring out high levels of emotion, the good, the bad and the ugly. I see you have the grip you need…it’s all about your daughter’s happiness. So like Bobby says, don’t worry, be happy!:) They make mini bottles that fit nicely in your handbag to keep you in that state of mind;)

    • Sage green would be lovely if she didn’t want all the girls in pink, may the m.o.b. can pull that off? Poor Elysia is lily white…more fair than I am…she about cracked over the pink. lol I just keep saying, it is her day, it is her day, it is her day. I know to keep my mouth shut, nod and agree. : ) I will have my some Dom P…hidden somewhere. : )

  4. Our wedding was not about us either. At one point I suggested having it at McD’s with everyone getting a happy meal or eloping to Vegas. Those suggestions were vetoed. Your daughter is lucky that you realize it’s about her. 🙂

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