Dieting? Don’t Drop The Soap

I climbed into a nice hot tub to soak and got all comfy, the smooth jazz was playing and all was well…hmmm…where was the soap?  I don’t know where I put it or dropped it.  I looked around to see what other goodies I had lying around my soaking tub that I could use in its place so I didn’t have to drip water across the room…ahhhh yes….I remember this…

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Sephora gives out a birthday gift to you on your birthday if you are a part of their Beauty Insider.  Gifts? Yes please!  I received this same cute birthday shower gel that is pictured above back in October and kept it sitting beside my tub waiting for that awesome moment when I wanted to smell like vanilla birthday cake.  Today was the day!  As I opened the lid the scent of vanilla cake came swirling up to greet my senses. You have got to be kidding!  Yum!  Seems like it would be better to eat than to lather all over my body.  I imagined Bugs Bunny in so many of those cartoons where the pot is sitting on the fire with Bugs inside while the veggies are being thrown in…here I was in a tub of water bathing in cake.  Hmmm.

As I went through my day I realized that I kept sniffing my arm and craving cake.  Dammit!  Is someone at Sephora sleeping with Betty Crocker? It took a whole lot of willpower not to go grab a cake at the local Safeway store but even more willpower not to chew my damn arm off like a bear caught in a trap.  I now realize that I misused this precious gift and that this product is clearly meant for evening use.  Ladies, you know what I am talking about. ; )

Take It Or Leave It…

When you are dieting or making lifestyle changes, that is not the time to lather yourself up with the scent of a 600 calorie dessert that you will spend the day craving…so when you are climbing into your tub to soak….DON’T DROP THE SOAP!!!




8 thoughts on “Dieting? Don’t Drop The Soap

  1. Happy Birthday, and congratulations for overcoming another obstacle.

    I would be prone to ‘experiment’ in the kitchen. IE, Birthday Bath Potion with birthday cake so, my entire family has disallowed me from the kitchen.

    And, yes…..guys are hanging around, here but, they just don’t want to admit it. I’ve discovered a certain freedom with age, and willing to admit to almost, anything.

    Again, happy birthday, and in all seriousness, admire your tenacity through all these obstacles.

  2. Good morning Dave! I am glad to report that I have not reached another birthday! : ) This gift was from October…whew….I could barely handle 43, don’t throw 44 at me quite yet, I still need the extra 7 months to adjust. : )
    And I very much appreciate that you hang around here, you are welcome anytime. : )
    Now I must go grab my Second Cup of coffee….

  3. I was almost afraid to read this one when I saw the title —

    Looks like you are learning one of my cardinal rules — never rub anything that smells like food on your body on purpose. That goes for spraying as well. Now if you are a messy eater and you drop some, that’s different.

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