Run For Your Life!

How could I say no to a zombie infested 5k obstacle course race?  I can’t even run and for crying out loud count me IN!  I am absolutely TERRIFIED of zombies!  My brother thought he would be clever and let me stay up late to watch Night of the Living Dead while he was babysitting me as long as I didn’t tell. The reality of it was my brother didn’t want to watch it all by himself and the whole thing backfired after I had nightmares for months.  That should be a day on a therapist couch for certain. The adrenalin rush alone will make me an Olympic athlete on race day!  When my friend sent me the link this morning I thought…”I’m coming to get you Barbara.”  This is either the perfect chance to get over my fear of zombies or I am going to be the breaking news on CNN during the race when I suddenly think it is real. I wouldn’t want to do this alone but grab a bunch of friends and run from zombies? This takes it from terrifying to hilarity.

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I don’t know if I could do the whole “It” looking clown thing though coming after me…that very well could be a deal breaker….especially a zombie “It” clown thing.  That’s a firm no.

In today’s other news…I finished up CERT class (Community Emergency Response Team) last night so if there was a zombie apocalypse I would…well…honestly…I would just revert back to the double tap as demonstrated in Zombieland.  Any other apocalyptic scenario and you can count on me but if zombies start roaming you can bet I am stealing a Hummer, painting the number 3 on the side of it, grabbing the world’s Twinkies and calling myself  “Seattle”.

My next big leap is the 2012 Citizen’s Police Academy which I start April 5th.  I am really excited about learning more about law enforcement since my son (yes, yes, I keep mentioning him) is an Explorer here in town.  Anthony will be helping out with the Academy so I have to behave in class.  : )

It won’t be that many more years this guy right here will be a detective solving crimes.

Well, since it is Friday and Elysia has taken off to the coast for the weekend (have fun kiddo) and the boys are off doing their thing tonight…I think I am going to step out, too, and have some fun.

Take It Or Leave It…

I am learning to enjoy each moment of my life.  It wasn’t long ago I would have said no way to a 5K race…now I am saying, “Yes, I will try.”  I never imagined that I would take a CERT class or get involved with the Citizen’s Police Academy…I am finally doing things that I want to do, doing things that are meaningful to me.  Life is short, take your life into your own hands and enjoy every moment that you have of it.  Smile more, regret less.  : )




7 thoughts on “Run For Your Life!

  1. Awesome! I was laughing very hard about the zombies races. Too funny; I love zombies I hate running. So I would be more afraId of the running than the zombies then again I am a chicken at heart lol. You should be so proud and I am so happy you are doing what you want to do with your life. You are right life is short. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that you have decided to run! I hope that the 5k helps alleviate your fear of zombies AND gives you a new exercise regimen that you enjoy 🙂 I have started a learn to run program and run my first 5k on May 24th. Congrats on your awesome decision 🙂

    • Hi Meghan…I actually tried running back in January with my son and blogged about Nike Free Runs that my friend recommended. Looking forward to a fun run with friends. : )

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