Why I AM a Royal Pain

Hemophilia is often referred to as “The Royal Disease”.  Queen Victoria of England (1837-1901) carried the disease and passed it on to several royals. Her granddaughter Alexandra married Czar Nicholas II and their son Alexei was born with hemophilia.  When a person bleeds into a joint, the pain is excruciating.  A monk by the name of Rasputin was able to give great relief to little Alexei during his painful bleeding episodes winning much favor of the Czarina.  As history shows, Rasputin’s “in” with the Czar and Czarina may have been a major factor in the Russian Revolution as many saw Rasputin’s influence with the Royals as corrupt.  Rasputin was assassinated and so was the entire royal family.

I am a carrier of severe hemophilia…you know where I am going with this now…Yep…

So…yeah…while they are discovering that hemophilia can also be caused by a rare genetic mutation I prefer to believe that I am a princess.  This would explain quite a bit of my life…my need to have my nails done, my passion for fine wine and my love of German engineering.  : ) My mother never disclosed on my birth certificate who my father was, all I know is that he most likely had severe hemophilia A.  *Tries to open the window for the birds and animals to come in and clean house and do laundry….hmmm…didn’t work.  There must be some sort of a princess code, I will have to figure that one out! ; )

What brought on this craziness this morning you ask?  Today I am going to a small event at a local hospital about hemophilia and have been asked to give my input there on weight loss.  I really have pushed the hemophilia issue in the back of my head as it no longer rules our lives as it once did.  I can recall many nights that I had to play the part of Rasputin and mentally walk my son through gardens filled with flowers and skies filled with colorful balloons while he cried himself to sleep during painful bleeding episodes.  My son is almost 20 now and I look at him with such awe that he has been so strong through such a painful life-long chronic disease.

Somehow I managed to end up with the perfect genetic inheritance tree of my own…

Photo courtesy of whatishemophilia.com

I have one unaffected son, one unaffected daughter, one carrier daughter and one affected son….I couldn’t have done that more perfect if I would have tried!  Now everyone knows why I am a royal pain…

Take It Or Leave It…

Whether or not you are a princess or a prince, treat yourself like one today.  Be good to yourself and take a moment to enjoy life around you.  I don’t seem to have a fairy Godmother so I have to count on myself for transformation.  If you look in the mirror and it is telling you someone else is fairer…don’t set out to have the heart ripped out of the other person…go buy a new freaking mirror!  Life is short.  Smile more, regret less. : )



*Tiara photo by silver-prince.seebyseeing.net


5 thoughts on “Why I AM a Royal Pain

  1. I love it! All hail Princess Beth!! Only you my friend are such a kickass princess that you take a negative and make light of it. Your right today I will be a princess and if that mirror don’t say I’m the fairest; someone is going to have seven years of bad luck. Hope you have a great weekend.

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