Musical Monday

Saturday was a really nice day around Seattle.  After our event at the hospital, my son drove us in his

Why do have to take pictures mom?

convertible out to dinner complete with Snoop Dog on the stereo (I started feeling old when I realized I wanted to unbuckle and leap out onto the highway). I found out that when I am in the car griping about Snoop that I am “cramping” his style.  Um, I didn’t know this. I purchase the kid a Saab convertible and yet because I can’t get down with gangsta rap I am somehow the ruiner of all things cool.  Wow, the little snapper made me feel old.  I have Snoop on my iPod thank you very much!  I just don’t roll in a convertible sharing Snoop’s lyrics with the world, and I will graciously accept that fact that I am now “uncool” because of it.  If you are reading this Snoop Dogg, please feel me on this one…I am a 43 year-old mother of 4, can ya dig?

Next time my son is in my car, I am going to open up the sun roof, roll down the windows and blast Boz Scaggs maybe even Chris Botti… heh heh…something along those lines and when he gets embarrassed  I am going to tell him how he is cramping my style.  Ahh….these are the moments!

It is very gloomy day south of Seattle.  The sky is a solid wall of pale grey with no hint of sunshine.  I have several things that need my attention today but I thought that since it was such a dreary day that I would go through my playlist and put on some music. Music usually lifts me and gets me motivated and as I have said before, can often set the mood for your day or evening. Since looking outside screams, “What a lousy day!”  I have decided to make the inside environment scream, “Aren’t you glad you are in here!”

When selecting my music two things have to come together for me:  Music AND lyrics. I am not one of those people who just listens to the rhythm or beat, I want to know what the artists is saying.  As a writer, I love words as much as I love an amazing beat. I add both upbeat music for cardio and slow music for cool down. This will be my upbeat workout download of the day:

Simple lyrics but says so much about boy meets girl. Fun, upbeat and I enjoyed the video, too! ; )

The following song is one of my favorite workout cool down songs (please note that the video is a bit explicit but also very beautiful).  Hardly seems like it would be a “cool down” song but I find it relaxing.

Well, it is almost 1:00 p.m. and I have to get some things accomplished forshisle manisle fo shizzle my nizzle (Thanks Elysia for laughing at my spelling of Snoop Dogg’s fo shizzle…at least I knew of fo shizzle so boooyah)!!!  See, I am down with the whole rap thing.  Word!

Take It Or Leave It…

If you are starting to feel like your age is catching up to you, find something that makes you feel young again.  Don’t let life pass you by, get into the game!  Why not listen to some of the latest music, check out the hottest clubs, try out the newest fashions?!  Whatever you choose to do…smile more, regret less!




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