More Paranormal Activity?

I gathered up laundry today and headed downstairs with my ankle buddies Zack and Tre (my little chihuahuas).  Before I threw a load of laundry in the wash I decided that the laundry room itself needed some attention.  I cleared off the counter and began wiping it down with a damp cloth when behind me came the same knocking that turned me into Jodi Foster a few weeks ago, but this time it WAS IN THE SAME ROOM.  What can I say, I froze for a moment.  I turned around and the pounding stopped.  Not only no but OH HELL NO! Again, I froze.  I gather my thoughts for a moment and stared at the dryer.  What could this be?  Ok, so I have watched Ghosthunter and I think I have the drill down.  I began to talk out loud.  “Is anyone there???  Can you hear me???”  MORE POUNDING AND THEN I WATCHED MY DRYER AND WALL VIBRATE!!! OH MY GOSH!!!  What do I do at this moment?  I text Elysia.  Like somehow Elysia is going to save me from Mr. Poltergeist from her cubicle at work.  I can’t actually tell you on a public blog what I texted to my daughter but her response was, “Well that’s awkward.”  I am laughing now but at that moment I figured I was going to be dragged off to wherever these things drag people off to.  So Elysia is confirming with me that she has heard something knocking in the laundry room before and is telling me that perhaps something is in the walls.  Now let me set this up for you….

It is a grey, dark windy, rainy day south of Seattle.  I am not in the city, I am out toward the country in a very quiet development with evergreen trees, I am talking frogs croak in the morning.  This is very woodsy.  A train rolls past every now and again that I can see from my front door, it vibrates the house.  Dark, quiet, creepy day.  So back to Elysia telling me something is in the walls…

A few minutes after I text Elysia, a train rolls by so I am thinking to myself about how stupid I am…there must have been some vibration from the train that came in advance (I was totally trying to make this logical because my dryer was moving ok?!).  I text Elysia my thoughts and we agree that perhaps that was the answer, something to do with the train.  NOPE!!!  Several minutes later the pounding starts again.  Zack started shaking like a leaf and stood at the laundry room entrance crying at me.  NO! NO! NO!  Not ok on any level whatsoever!  When the dog starts shaking and crying and has never done that before and some strange knocking is going on SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT!!!  I was in the middle of “lock me up and throw away the key” and Elysia starts having a birthday text discussion with me about her plans.  I was thinking, I am going to be sucked into the dryer kind of like Carol Ann  got sucked into the television and my kid is discussing her 22nd birthday plans.  Nice.

Time to get real.  I turned on my iPhone video camera and started filming.  Nothing.  I stood in my laundry room talking to the air for a few minutes and making stupid jokes.  Nothing.  Finally I said, “If you can hear me, knock.”  BAM! BAM! BAM!  “AHHHHHHHGGGGGGG!”  I got it on video! I was running all over like a lunatic and the pounding kept going.  I come off sounding like the chick on the Blair Witch Project when she is dripping snot off her nose.  Wow!  I can’t even believe it.  So what is the noise?  I have lived in my home almost three years and this is a new thing.  The only thing that I can come up with is that it was windy today and that perhaps wind went up the outside vent for the dryer causing the flaps inside to bang???    But how could that have actually vibrated a heavy front-loading dryer?  Strange though how it seemingly responded a couple of times to my voice and scared my dog?!  We have had higher winds than this out here and this hasn’t happened!  How could it have vibrated an adjacent wall?  Hmmmm….

From now on I am going to be writing down the time of day and the weather conditions.  I am an analytical thinker, I will go through every possibility before deciding that my house is haunted.  Unless of course something drags me down the steps, that pretty much sums it right up.

Getting My Creep On!




5 thoughts on “More Paranormal Activity?

  1. Oh gosh! My sides hurt from laughing so hard. I love your writing style!
    I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences myself with ghost.
    ~Blessed be!

    • *laughing…You should have seen me…I don’t know what I expected to happen but I was ready to cast a circle of protection. I am laughing now but if I have to get up to pee at 3 a.m., I am not going to be thinking anything is funny. ; )

      ~Blessed be Heather!

  2. Just a thought here. IF it’s a ghost (I have one too, so no, I don’t think you’re crazy) and it’s responding when you tell it to knock, why not try telling it to knock it off because it’s freaking you out? Might work? Or…maybe it’s time to call someone. I’d be stupid freaked out.

  3. Hi abbi…I try not to panic because until I know who or what it is, I don’t what to chase it out….that may sound strange but if it is a spirit, I want to know what the message is. Unless the message is “Get Out” and then that’s a whole different story! Freaked out? Yes! It’s been a little too weird. Put it this way, I don’t leave my feet dangling over the edge of the bed at night. : )

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