A Bacon Coffin?

Yes, you read that right, a bacon coffin.  J&D’s Foods is now marketing the first bacon-wrapped casket.  Now I know that I sometimes take my love for bacon to extremes but bury me in bacon?  I don’t think so, but then again, I have a pretty good sense of humor.  I would want some fake lettuce and tomatoes hanging out of the casket and a special bun draped over the top…gluten-free of course.

Photo courtesy of J&D's Foods

It isn’t a bad price at $2999.95 plus shipping and it sounds like there are all sorts of goodies to go with it including a bacon memorial tube (Hmm…dunno what that is for).  On their website they sell baconlube which is bacon-flavored personal lubricant …must be for the handles on your coffin (in case they get squeaky or you are still alive and get hungry). The baconlube was on their website under a tab called “Naughty Bacon”. I guess if you click on that tab you are pretty much considered a pig going to hell.  Of course I clicked on it….

Well you just HAVE to.  When you are on a website discussing a bacon coffin and you see a tab marked “naughty bacon” you just HAVE to click right?!  Hey, I thought maybe it was Babe the pig being beaten or something like that so I had to make certain I didn’t have to call somebody…

Photo courtesy of tannerpemelton.blogspot.com

I like their website. There is really nothing left to say after that.

Take It Or Leave It…

There really can’t be a “take it or leave it” on a post about bacon coffins and bacon-flavored personal lubricant…all has been said. 




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