Fool Me Once…

 …shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.

~President George W. Bush

There is one drawback of being a parent with an over-the-top sense of humor.  If you have offspring, the chances are pretty good that they are going to inherit your love of wit and humor and at some point said offspring are going to want to try their skills out on you…

Tonight I walked through the door and found my dogs running amuck in the house alone.  Immediately my thought was, “Why did my sons leave my dogs to run all over???”  I called out to my sons, no answer.  After yelling “BOYS!” repeatedly, a light was turned on and this is what was discovered…

At first glance, I immediately thought my son with hemophilia suffered a terrible fall down the stairs rendering him unconscious (the thought lasted 5 seconds), I then responded with APRIL FOOLS!  Both boys came out from hiding and my oldest son was a bit disappointed that his hour-long preparation had failed him.  YOU CAN’T KID A KIDDER!  Fool me once….

The truth is when you have the kind of sense of humor that we have in our house, it can be a bit dangerous.  This very well could have been a real body and we would have stepped over it for days thinking it was hysterical.  : P

Take It Or Leave It…

Life can be challenging especially when you are making life-style changes, take time to laugh a little. Don’t be foolish and take life too seriously!  Smile more, regret less!




4 thoughts on “Fool Me Once…

    • It great effort, I do admit he had me for a few seconds! They moved the mail that was thrown all over the floor before I had gotten a chance to get it in the picture. My son always grabs the mail for me…that might have been the giveaway right there…on the way home we stopped at our mailbox and grabbed our mail, I knew it had already been picked up. : ) I think the real payoff will be today with their sister comes home. The body is now in her room and she is the jumpy sort! : )

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