Don’t Weight Up

Gone insane BRB.

The definition of insane is to do the same thing over and over again and expect the same results.  Well, it looks like I have went round the bend.  I realized that I had lost my mind at exactly 3:12 a.m. this morning when my stomach doubled me over out of a sound sleep.  I ate a boat-load of processed food this week-end.  I am talking boat loads like the Lonely Island sings about.  Letting me know AS I ate the processed food wouldn’t have been a good enough eye opener for me, my stomach chose a time of deep REM sleep to alert me to the fact that I was a nut job.

So, yeah, according to the definition of insanity, I am insane.  Every weekend I succumb to outings paired with wonderful treats (the fried liver appetizer Friday night was super yummy), however, this is not really getting me to my goal and it is wreaking havoc on my intestines.  *sigh

What it is really about is planning.  When I am out and about I tend to wait until I am so hungry that I throw all sense of logic out the window, again, insanity will do that to you.  So as part of my “therapy” I am going to start packing light snacks with me when I head out on the weekends so I am less likely to grab a menu and ask for an off the wall selection.  Of course, pay attention to the music, too.  Friday night the restaurant was playing Boston – Long Time… as I was reading the menu and listening to Boston belt out “It’s Been Such a Long Time…”  all I could think of was what a long time it had been since I had snacked on good fried food and then….BAMMO….nom nom nom.  I guess what I really need to do is get real with it and say, “Look Beth, you have resorted to paying somebody to fry up bits of a baby cow’s liver dredged in flour for you and serve it to you on a plate.”  Yeah, that would probably get me right there.  Maybe I should have pictures in my purse of cute  little baby calves….How could I eat that!

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Take It Or Leave It…

If you find yourself having difficulty in one particular area of your diet/lifestyle change…GET CREATIVE!  If you have to put a picture in your purse as a reminder of what not to eat, then by all means do it…If you have to make an entire deck of flash cards, DO IT!  Above all else, smile more, regret less!




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