Book ’em Danno!

Thursday night after work I begin the 2012 Citizen’s Police Academy.   This 9 week academy is for increasing the understanding of law enforcement’s role in the criminal justice system.  There will be classroom education as well as field trips to the Criminal Justice Training Center, a possible flight on Guardian One (helicopter patrol) and a trip to the firing range for firearms training (I am a pretty good shot myself and already have my Concealed Pistol License) . Later in the month I will be also taking a 7 week class on Tuesday nights to acquire my Ham Radio License.  Whew!  Tuesday and Thursday nights will be busy for the next two months!  Should the Zombie Apocalypse occur, the Mayan Prophecies become a reality or if Rick Santorum wins the Presidential race….I will be prepared.
Scariest environment imaginable

Seriously though, a few weeks ago I completed my CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training and my next step on top of the training above is to take some online FEMA classes to become a certified emergency worker.  Pay it forward friends, pay it forward!

Take It Or Leave It…

Find the time to give back to your community.  Weight loss and lifestyle changes can become self-consuming, remember to balance out everything…give, give, give!  Smile more, regret less!




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