Infected File

Today’s morning blogging struggle may have been due to an infected file.  Thank you MacKeeper for finding the  infected file.  Norton Antivirus, clearly you were sleeping on the job and that is why I have now uninstalled you.

Since my first blog was deleted without save I would like to start again by saying a very heart-felt thank you to Dave from A Second Cup for nominating both Weight4Us and The Possibilitarian’s Light for the Inspiring Blogger Award.  It means so much to Elysia and I that we can inspire others on this crazy life journey.  Dave is an incredible support of both blogs and I encourage everyone to visit his wonderful blog.

And the nominees that Elysia and I have selected are:

You Know You’re Borderline When…


Lose It Big

Shian writes

Socially Fit


Trying not to be a fatty

Please take a moment to visit these excellent blogs!

Seven little know facts about Elysia and I (Elysia wasn’t here earlier to defend herself when I wrote the first post but she is now…)

  1. Elysia is 22 today!  Happy Birthday Elysia!
  2. When Elysia was little she thought Sade was singing Smooth Doplar Radar and not Smooth Operator.  We still laugh to this day about that.
  3. I am very allergic to dogs and yet I have two chihuahuas, go figure.
  4. Elysia was rarely in trouble when she was young however one day she bit her sister so hard in the back that she drew blood.  As she got older we discovered she was allergic to the sun.  She also loves the Twilight series….you do the math.
  5. I choose my pets by how pathetic they are, the ones that nobody seems to want to take home.  I believe that is probably how I chose my last two husbands.
  6. Elysia is called “Sis” at home.
  7. If I haven’t said this before, one of my favorite movies is The Color Purple.

Thank you again!




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