Rotten Apple

I spent my entire morning writing a lengthy blog wishing Elysia a wonderful 22nd birthday and continuing on with a warm thank you for Dave from A Second Cup for nominating both Weight4Us and The Possibilitarian’s Light for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  All the time I was blogging my Mac kept freezing and it took me over 3 hours to get near the end of the blog.  I was having so much trouble that I decided to save my draft and download MacKeeper before proceeding.  As I hit the save draft button my computer decided to freeze.  I am talking the spiral beach ball of death.  I wasn’t too concerned because as you blog it randomly saves drafts anyway.  WRONG!!!  WRONG!!! WRONG!!! When I went back in my entire 3 hour plus draft was gone.  I strung together a list of words that had never shared the same sentence before and decided that I am going to walk away from this and go watch some movies with my boys rather than pitch my Mac out from the second story window while impersonating Linda Blair.

If I have recovered from my shock, I will come back later and blog but for now I will walk away before I decide to core my Apple.








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