Clic Your Glasses!


Has reached over 10,000 views!

I never would have thought that our little blog would have had 10,000 hits in 15 months.  Actually, I NEVER expected 10,000 hits in my lifetime.  Elysia and I wish to thank each of you who take a moment out of your day to read and support our blog.  We are definitely feeling the love!  The next question is should we be concerned about any of you that choose to follow us?  ; )

In other news…

Easter pretty much did me in as far as eating right is concerned.  Ok, that probably isn’t entirely true, the whole month leading up to Easter was a fail for me.  It all seems to start with Mexican food and then was on to Chinese and pretty soon I have plotted my course to geographically eat myself around the globe.  Although I am quite proud that I haven’t made it to Tongo yet.  Today I got myself in gear and got back on track.  I just need to remember not to eat the remaining Dove dark chocolate eggs, those things are more addictive than street drugs!

The bad news…

I promised myself that I would never forget to clean my juicer ever again after the last time that I created a biological weapon with it.  I have failed to keep my promise, and in fact, when I am finished here, I have to go clean it.  My oldest son opened it up today and said, “Do you recall in the movie Arachnophobia how the spiders made those thick webs….well that’s what it looks like in your juicer.”  You are almost 20 kid, you went as far as to analyse the situation but didn’t bother cleaning it for me?…hmmm…he might do well in government.  He can tell me what the situation looks like but he certainly isn’t going to do anything to fix the problem…YEP…send him to Washington!

Take It Or Leave It…

If you were dressing up like a bunny over Easter just so you could walk into your local grocer and purchase 20 bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs or Dove dark chocolate without feeling like everyone was staring at you, then perhaps you need to rethink where you are going with your diet.  This doesn’t mean that you have failed, this just means that you need to take off the bunny suit and hop back on track!  If it was a Playboy Bunny suit you were wearing….I don’t think your problem is of the yummy Cadbury/Dove treat variety.  ; )




13 thoughts on “Clic Your Glasses!

  1. congrats on the 10,000 hits. Amazing how time flies. And shame on you for forgetting about the juicer. I remember and I don’t even live with ya. LOL and how did you
    know I was working the bunny outfit and not the playboy kind either. Stay Curvy

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