Are We Back To This?

Did my daughter REALLY say in her last post that my elliptical isn’t broken?  She wasn’t in the house when it sounded like it was the Little Red Engine That Could but didn’t.  I would say it was me but even her brothers verified that the elliptical was toast, now she says it is working.  Well if it is working now, that is just dandy, since I haven’t worked out on it in several weeks because it faked its death.  I bet you that the moment that damn elliptical sees my face in the room it will roll over and play dead, the thing hates me.  Maybe it just couldn’t handle my steamy Enrique Iglesias play list! ; )

I have been doing excellent on the healthy eating home front this week.  I think that it has helped getting back to work and into a position that I am loving.  Life is good.  Tomorrow night I will be attending my 2nd Citizen’s Police Academy class and I am really looking forward to that.  I am not sure anything could top last weeks field testing of crystal meth (test kits folks) but it should be fun.

Short but sweet!




12 thoughts on “Are We Back To This?

    • Let me tell you…that thing was DYING! I was so upset over the elliptical, the motor sounded like a dying cow. Now she says it seems fine. Hmmm…well, that just means I have to get back on it now. : )

      • Evidently I didn’t finish typing my comment or something… It was meant to finish off with “daughters are “always” right you know…”. 😉
        I do hope she’s correct in this instance for both you sakes as elipticals are awesome! If it argues with you just threaten it with a baseball bat or something. 🙂

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