YOU are amazing!

Holy moley, goodness gracious…OVER 200 VIEWS TODAY!!

…is that how you spell “moley”? Or is it “moly”?

Regardless of how it’s spelled, I am speechless, touched, honored, ready-to-do-a-happy-dance excited! While I know my mom has been the one to post more on the blog in the past months, I’m so very glad to be back, and to know that people care about us so much. You guys have no idea how much you have positively impacted my weightloss journey, and I thank you every single day!

Speaking of that good ol’ journey…Today rocked my socks off. I ate pretty awesomely, have ignored gluten’s existence for the past two days, and even did a small work out today, all without wanting to gorge on horrible things. Now that I have solid goals for myself, and that I have made being healthy my absolute top priority over everything, I feel amazing; ney…I feel EMPOWERED. What an amazing feeling that is 🙂

So, I did the elliptical today (which isn’t broken, despite what mom seems to think…;) ) for 10 minutes, burning 70.3 calories, and going 665 strides. In that 10 minutes, I broke a sweat, and was huffing and puffing just a bit, but nothing too bad. 10 minutes was great to start with , and I will probably increase it sometime next week. I also did 15 pushups, because woman with PCOS should do strength training often, because muscle burns excess sugars in the body! It’s not much, but it’s definitely better than sitting on my butt for the night! Eating also went well today…Nothing processed, and I didn’t struggle with it at all. I quite enjoyed it! Knowing that I was going to feel good about it definitely helped a ton.

My workout music today was the album “Some Nights” by the band Fun. It’s my absolute favorite album right now, and I have literally listened to it over and over for the past week and a half. These guys are awesome…I recommend you check them out 🙂 They’re kind of an Indie Rock band, but I think all sorts of people can find them interesting. Youtube them and let me know what you think!!

I think that’s about it for now…I’m going to grab something small for dinner, then it’s off to bed for me!





6 thoughts on “YOU are amazing!

    • I was horrified to figure out that you have been in my spam folder along with another fellow blogger! You have been leaving me messages for a very very long time and I didn’t know it until someone emailed me privately. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE STILL HERE!!!! : )

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