Feeding the Soul

I am dog tired…if this is more than three sentences I will consider this a successful post.

It has been an exceptionally busy week and week-end for me and I am ready to fall into bed.  Thursday was Citizen’s Police Academy – I got to be Officer #2 and “arrest” a suspect.  I am certain it isn’t as fun in the real world as it was in class.  The police lights were going, the class was laughing and the whole thing resembled a comedy skit routine.  The sad reality is that our men and women in blue face some pretty scary people out there every single day.  Hey look, this post is already a personal success as I made it past my 3 sentence goal!  : )  Go me!  My new job continues to be absolutely fantastic and Friday I just ended my second week.  Saturday we entertained company and enjoyed a wonderful day…I ate way too much and didn’t dwell on it.  Today was spent in reflective thought while putting plants in my new planters.  Today is April 15th, some consider it the day their taxes are due.  For me, it is my missing brother’s birthday and it meant a difficult call to my mother letting her know that I know what day today is.  It was a good day to be outdoors planting, raking and reflecting…reminding myself that life continues to grow, continues needing love and nourishment. Feeding the soul.

It is important on your weight loss journey to remember to feed your soul while limiting calories.  Life is full of great moments, incredible happiness, deep sadness and endless possibilities.  Remember that life goes forward at a pace far faster than we would often times like…take a moment to realize that the most important thing is you, after all, there is only one…nourish it.  : )




6 thoughts on “Feeding the Soul

  1. Hi Beth- Just visiting. Glad new job is making you, happy. It is really nice when, you ‘get to,’ not ‘have to’ go to work 🙂

  2. A beautiful post and you managed to make me smile as well. I wish I could tell it gets easier but, I would be lying. My thoughts are with you in not knowing what happened. But, somehow I know you have found some peace.

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