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I need more time in my day!

What a crazy week already!  Monday I fell into bed like I was Rip Van Winkle, Tuesday I attended a three-hour class after work (5 more weeks to go) to obtain my Ham Radio Operator’s License, today I came home and was bombarded by my son’s wanting to print wirelessly on my new printer (I love it when I am better at troubleshooting our network than they are), tomorrow I have the Citizen’s Police Academy for three hours after work (7 more weeks to go and I am quite excited to learn all about the Green River Killer investigation tomorrow night) and Friday I will probably just crash!

With all of this craziness I haven’t found much time for breakfast, I grab a salad for lunch and try to eat a fairly light dinner.  I have to find a way to fit juicing into my morning schedule but since I get up at 5:00 am, I really don’t feel like heading downstairs to juice, all I want is a jumbo coffee.

It is pretty pathetic around here since I started back to work.  Zack starts crying every now and again in the morning when I put my coat on….how sad is that!  Guilt from a 6 pound chihuahua.  The great news is that I am enjoying my job and have a wonderful working environment.  What I am missing though is catching up on everyone’s blogs…if I haven’t made it over for a visit, I will be doing so this weekend.  I am missing all of you very much!  I received a post card the other day from a blogger in New Zealand and I am excited to share about that!  : )

Well…looks like I have to go now…my son is discussing his AP Euro class and how the British would drink tea after a blitz in World War II, he is greatly amused by that and thought I would be as well…I am.  : )  He also handed me an article to read called Exposing the Rape of Nanking and told me it was quite graphic but felt I should read it.  I think I will skip that right before bed and read it over the week-end.  I can’t imagine I would sleep too peacefully after reading that….uh oh…who is next in line?  Ah yes…looks like I also have to go help the oldest son prep for a job interview tomorrow…Like I said, I need more time in my day!



3 thoughts on “Problem?

  1. You certainly have yourself on a tight schedule.
    My claim to fame (?) I went to school and graduated with Dave Reichart. Because of the alphabetical seatting system we sat next to each other… A LOT! He was a really nice guy and when all the GRK news was happening I remember thinking how this had to be tough on him. Anyway, that is neither here nor there. Good luck with your classes.

    • I met Dave Reichart several years back when I lived in Burien…he is an incredibly nice man. It will be interesting to sit in on the GRK task force conversation tonight, I can’t even image what that must have been like for Dave Reichart and those of the task force.
      I hope you are doing well…how is life a little further south? : )

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