The Sky Is Blue?

Looking out my window this morning and my mind is blown that the rain has stopped in Seattle.  There is a strange color in the sky…I think it is called “blue” and I am feeling a bit frisky. I think the ball of light in the sky is known as sunshine but I only see it as a great producer of the vitamin D that I am so incredibly low on thanks to living in the zombie state.  I am going to head outside today and absorb as much sunshine as I can.  🙂

I have had an incredibly busy week.  I began my HAM Radio Operator’s class and I am excited to learn more about that.  Thursday was an exceptional Citizen’s Police Academy class about the Green River Killer Task Force.  The class was so graphic that I had nightmares about Gary Ridgeway and I consider myself to be a pretty tough soul.  I can’t imagine how the task force made it through those days.  The whole serial killer concept is pretty disturbing in itself.

Today I am contemplating on heading up to The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with my Sony DSLR and get some pics of the tulips in bloom.  I have missed the sun so much and it is a great day to be out and about.  Then I think I will settle down this evening with a nice bottle of wine and some smooth jazz – yep sounds like a plan to me.  I think I will put off pulling the weeds in the back yard until tomorrow.  : )

Let’s have some fun today…Any questions for me, text them on over and I will post them later.  You can find my number when you click on my Gravatar.  Just make certain you tell me who your are….for example….This is Cruz2Lose over at weight4Us and I want to know how many slices of pizza you eat in a sitting.  The answer to that is 3 by the way.  ; )

I will not be saving phone numbers, unless you ask me to and I won’t be selling them off to any magazines.  BY THE WAY…WHOMEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUNNY TO SIGN ME UP SOMEWHERE AS PREGNANT IS ON MY “LIST”.  I am getting baby magazines and ads to save my cord blood.  Really folks?  I haven’t had a uterus since the late 90’s.  Perhaps they think I am pregnant because I have parented so many men…  ; )  LOL  made my own self laugh.





7 thoughts on “The Sky Is Blue?

    • Yes, it is true that the depression rates are highest here in Seattle. I can say that the gray skies often get to me out here. We also have the highest rate of MS in the country! Hmmmmm

  1. I wonder…..though, I like a rain storm. Like the sound of raindrops hitting the roof. I find them relaxing. Calming. I do wonder whether weather that clouds the sky, clouds the mood. Is there a possible connection between lack of vitamin d, and depression?

    • I do love a rainstorm myself…especially if I am at the ocean. It would be interesting to know if a lack of vitamin d can cause depression. I know that after awhile the gray days do start making you feel blue. And I am so glad I found you in the spam filter!!!!!! : )

      • I seem to be quite suspicious. Have no idea why, I end up in people’s spam filters. Wonder if it has to do with promoting the Cubs?

        Perhaps, it’s a Cardinals fan who does all this filtering?

      • Oh my gosh, I believe you have probably figured it out! You have been black-balled because of your sports affiliation! There ya go! Time to become a Mariners fan. ; )

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