Confessions Part 3

If it is the weekend and I am in the car for reasons other than food, clothing and shelter, there has to be some very good explanation for a long road trip.  Yesterday I planed a fairly short road trip that is supposed to only take 1 hour and 40 minutes.  *throws head back and laughs hysterically…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  If you have ever hopped on I-5 in Seattle on a gorgeous sunny day, after you have been under a gray canopy of rain for a long winter, then you will know what I am talking about here.  If you haven’t been to Seattle then let me just say that it is like sleepy bears coming out of hibernation, there is a little confusion on driving in sunlight, proper lane changes, use of signaling, and perhaps what the actual speed limit is.  When Seattleites get their first real glimpse at sunshine they like to slow down and take in all the sites of our beautiful state, if this means that the speed limit is 70 and they have to slow down to 35, who am I to be frustrated behind them!  I love taking in the sites but I find that I am better able to do so while going 80….perhaps I have a touch of ADD but I find that I get the same information at 80 miles per hour that I do at 35 miles per hour….”Oh WOW…look at that new store opening up!  Did you see that new Durango? Was she wearing a shirt?  What a beautiful day!  Look at Mount Rainier! Get off your cell phone sweetie!  What a cute little doggie!  Was that a cop going the other direction? Are you going to turn off your turn signal buddy?”  Same information entering my brain at a much higher speed but I am still able to process!  I am completely unable to comprehend why several lanes of traffic is reduced to a grinding halt when there is no accident. With that being said, the 1 hour 40 minute trip to the Skagit Valley grew to almost 5 hours including a 45 or less minute stop for a restroom which turned into the need for food, which then turned into a visit to a Mexican restaurant.  Don’t hate.  This is all part of my confession.

By the time we reached the Skagit Valley it was 5:15 p.m and the festival was supposed to close up at 5:00 p.m.  After five hours on the road only to arrive at closing, I began to test out my expansive vocabulary.  The good news was that the festival had so much traffic that the vendors were still open and I was able to look around for an hour….and eat warm cinnamon and sugar and powdered sugar mini-donuts…(yes, I slipped in another confession) before heading toward the tulip fields.  I know, I know…eating good all week doesn’t justify poor food choices just because I am at a festival….Tell that to me after 5 hours in heavy traffic on a gorgeous sunny day that I am missing because I am stuck in a car.  Nuff said.


So while driving down this back country road in search of tulips I insisted that we stop the car.  There was a group of cows but one in particular was staring at me and I had to take a picture and, of course, talk to it.  Suddenly Bob, that is what I named him, began mooing and his buddy Ralph came over from the field to see what the fuss was all about and he, too, began staring at me.  They began calling all their little cow friends over and pretty soon I had a line of cows at the fence staring at me while I took pictures and chatted with them.  I don’t know what kind of person can then turn around and eat a Sourdough Jack from Jack in the Box at 11:30 at night after chatting with these gentle creatures but add that to my confession as well.

Bob the cow checking out my camera.

Bob calls his buddies over to the fence.

Bob's buddy Ralph strolls over to see what the fuss is about.

Pretty soon all of Bob's friends wanted to listen to me talk to them. : )

After saying good-bye to my new cow friends, we made our journey on to the tulip and daffodil fields…

Anthony sitting on his car while mom continues to photograph flowers. What a good kid!

Had to stop and take this shot...

This ended up to be a fairly good trip and the drive back was only the 1 hour and 40 minutes that Mapquest had stated.  By the time we arrived home I was sunburned from being in Anthony’s convertible (I know, poor me right?!) and exhausted after traveling 10 hours.  I woke up this morning and decided that I wasn’t sunburned enough and spent a few hours in my back yard hoeing weeds and cleaning up from the winter, not to be confused with any other type of hoing…I think the Secret Service would know more about that than I would…..

By the way…no one texted me questions so there is nothing to post…and since I found out half way through the trip that my son’s cassette adapter wasn’t working, imagine how much fun I was having!

Take It Or Leave It…

Even if your short journey turns out much longer than planned, go with it.  You never know what adventures you may find when things go awry.  ; )




8 thoughts on “Confessions Part 3

  1. So two cows were grazing in the paddock when the first cow went “Mooooooo!”. The second cow looked up and said “Fuck me! I was just about to say that!”

    This sparked the.conversation and they finally got onto the subject of health… “So what you reckon about this mad cow disease?”
    “Mad cow disease? What should I care? I’m a wahing machine.”

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