Brief Bit

Checking in alive.  In a nutshell:

  •  Monday – worked 10 hours
  • Tuesday – worked 10 hours, made it through a large fire drill, then went to HAM Radio class
  • Today – worked 11 hours – made it through an earthquake drill

I haven’t been eating enough, sleeping enough, walking enough, breathing enough, having anything else enough…but that is a whole different blog in itself.  ; )

Tomorrow night is Police Academy Night after work and the topic is Larceny/Burglary, I can’t wait for the K-9’s next week!

Saturday I am going to be a hooker…..that’s right…..a hooker.  If you are with the Secret Service please continue reading before calling my home number…I will be baiting worms on hooks for kids at a Fishing Derby as a community volunteer.  Back in the day I used to fish at the lake I grew up on.  I am a pretty good hooker but you will never catch me pulling a fish off of a hook…scares me to death!  I used to make my brother do it.  I would go running all over the place with a fish attached to a line looking for someone to get the fish off of it.  I always felt sorry for the fish after I caught it and I didn’t like the way their mouths went up and down when the hook was in it….scary!

Ok…I am going to crash into bed, I have hit the wall today.  Now I am going to have nightmares about fish with scary mouths.





6 thoughts on “Brief Bit

  1. No! Don’t sacrifice to that point. Get a grip. Oh, gads, you got me, this is about fishing, and has nothing to do with…….

    I am so ashamed, and embarrassed.

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