I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and decided that today was the day, I needed to take three FEMA exams to qualify as an official emergency worker and after spending time with fellow CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) members yesterday, I knew it was now or never.  I plowed my way right through the online study guides and slammed out each exam.  It took me 11 hours due to a few computer glitches but I reached my goal and have my Certificates!

It is time to set some new goals and get down and dirty serious about accomplishing them…here they are…

  • It is time to quit screwing around and get down to my weight-loss goal.  I keep bouncing up and down like a see-saw and it is time just to stop making excuses about why I can’t get there.  At this time I will have to ask the makers of  Three Olives Bubble Gum and Cake Vodka to halt production while I go dry.  Please pull  this shit off of the shelves for a while, while I dive toward my goal.  My deadline is 6 months from now, my 44th birthday in October.
  • Finish out the Citizen’s Police Academy – ends early June.
  • Pass my HAM Radio Operator’s test next month…I don’t see this as a problem.
  • Become a CERT Captain (I needed my FEMA certificates so, I am on my way).
  • Sell my Juke and purchase a new Ford Explorer…yes, if I am going to be an emergency volunteer, I want my ride equipped with a mobile HAM radio and I want room to transport anything I might need to kill zombies if that is what it comes down to.  I think this is usually best if rolling on 20’s as well…just saying.
  • Work on not allowing men to hurt my feelings or make me feel like I can’t accomplish something – this is a real hinderance for me and I am determined to adopt a stfu attitude toward this instead of letting it cut to my very soul.
  • Catch up on reading your blogs!!!

Wishing you all a great week and much happiness!  Smile more, regret less.




13 thoughts on “CERTainly

  1. I thought you were in your 30s. 44? Really?

    Good luck on all of it! if anybody’s got the wherewithall to complete what she sets out to do; You do.

    Why is it, when I am near any of the female specie, I am either told or, it is implied that, I stfu? My wife says it to me a lot.

    I’m cool…. 🙂

    • Flattery about my age will get you everywhere! : ) Thank you for that and thank you for your continued support. Don’t feel bad, when I am near the female specie it is implied that I stfu as well. ; )
      And yes, you are cool. : )

  2. I just got back on the wagon 3 weeks ago and set a fairly agressive weight loss goal for my 44th bday as well. You can do this! As for the STFU mentality, it is one I have had for years. Surround yourself with the positive and ignore the rest. Seriously, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


    • Tim,
      Thank you….I needed that! I am a big pusher of telling people to surround themselves with the positive and I often forget to take my own advice. I have tried to move out of my STFU mentality, but I am adopting that back into my bio. ; )
      YES, WE CAN DO THIS!!!

  3. I really admire your courage in posting your goals for the world! I think it is important to put them out there and share them, it makes us accountable to them! Way to go!

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