Loosen Up My Buttons…

Ok…so I am the one that keeps frontin.  Sayin I am gonna lose the weight but you ain’t seen nothin.  : ) I should join up with Al Yankovik on this one.

Photo courtesy of natashiarenee.wordpress.com (No, this isn't me!)


I just found out that my new place of employment has a “fitness center”!  That pretty much takes away every single excuse that I have left, that is, unless I want to resort to the pathetic excuses such as “I just painted my nails” or “I can’t exercise after eating, I will get a cramp. ”  Tomorrow I am going to go check out the fitness center, that is my next step in the process, see what wonderful tools of terror they have to offer.  I don’t want to have to loosen up my buttons unless there is a really good reason to do so!


You have a choice in life, you can either choose to stay where you are at or you can take a risk.  I personally have decided that I am through sitting back and allowing life to pass me by.  I am taking the risks.  I know that I will probably walk into that fitness center and feel a bit intimidated by all of the “hardbodies” that have been going there regularly, I have to keep in mind that 6 months from now, I will be one too.  Take positive risks in life…I say this as I am scanning over the requirements to possibly become a reserve police officer….





2 thoughts on “Loosen Up My Buttons…

  1. A little risk, and possibly hit a jackpot. Never take the risk, and you may never know….Don’t be intimidated as those hard bodies had a starting point in there, too! Congrats on taking the risks!

  2. I joined a gym at the end of February and most of the people I see in there look just like the folks in the grocery store or at Wal-mart, except a little sweatier. Once you get started, you’ll find that not everyone is a ‘hard-body’, but everyone seems to be trying to improve their health or appearance. You’ll soon recognize the ‘regulars’ and feel comfortable being part of the gym! Slowly, but surely I’m down 20lbs…plus I’m no spring chicken 🙂 Give it a go and you’ll be glad you did!

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