Oh, IT’S ON!

*listens intently*

Oh what’s is that I hear? *keeps listening* Could that be a CHALLENGE?!

Oh yes, it is…

The Grumpy Man MUST have been reading my mind about needing a good kick start to really get my weight-loss journey going again. He’s issued a challenge; thrown down the gauntlet, as he’s stated. He’s created the challenge of “lose more weight than him in the month of May.” He’s lost over 150lbs already on his weight-loss journey, and I’m just crazy enough at over 300lbs to try to lose more weight than him this month.

I’m not happy about it in the least, but I’m going to report that I weighed in tonight at 323.6lbs. What I *am* happy about is the last time I weighed myself  (a few weeks ago, and it was in the morning) was 327.4lbs. I’ve lost some weight in the past month or so! But with this challenge, it’s time to get tough. I mean some serious business! I’ve clearly had motivation problems lately, however, this challenge is going to be exactly what I need to get my butt into gear. Plus, a little friendly competition (and a little trash talking) never hurt anyone 😉

I’m pumped, motivated, excited, thrilled, and READY to get this thing going. Mr. Grumpy Man, I say….

May the best man woman win 🙂


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