Code Red

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I have lost 3.8 pounds since Wednesday.  My weight-loss month of May challenge opponents may not be able to handle that truth.  I didn’t say I wasn’t hungry though….my 4 1/2 pound chihuahua looks a little different to me than he did a few days ago…


The hard part will be going out tomorrow night and celebrating my son’s 16th birthday.  Not only do I have a MAJOR weakness for this particular Mexican restaurant (I have been there so often they don’t even ask me what I am going to order, they already know), but it is Cinco de Mayo which means I will never get out of there without having a margarita.  Ok, well actually, whether or not it was Cinco de Mayo I wouldn’t have been able to walk into a Mexican restaurant without having a margarita…it is just part of the meal, it just seems more legit when you say it is Cinco de Mayo.  If that won’t be enough of a challenge, I will also have to try to avoid the most incredible chips and salsa EVER!!!

To the May weight-loss challenge folks…wishing you the best!  : )

Take It Or Leave It…

Sometimes I find that joining in on a little friendly competition is just what I need to jump-start my motivation when I am stumbling.  Weight loss can be fun and you don’t have to say no to everything to meet your goals.  It is ok to have a cheat every now and again, just keep them to a minimum.  : )




6 thoughts on “Code Red

  1. Enjoy Cinco de Majo….did I spell that, right? Anyway, enjoy because there’s Seis de Majo, and you can get back to it! You still win! Just a day later, that’s all…Sip just 1 Margarita through the evening. You’re good! No regrets!

      • Siete de Majo So, what? You’re still okay. That’s done! No regrets, and continue from now. Clear the cache drawer.

        You can do it. In re-reading some of your entries, I am so confident you will be victorious. What matters is, now.

        Don’t give up, Beth……..You’re good!

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