Challenge within a challenge.

…Challenge-ception, if you will.

Along with I Lost 100lbs challenge, I’m challenging myself to blog daily to keep myself going and motivation; my worst days happen when I’m not blogging. Time too turn that around! I’m starting tomorrow as Day 1, and my blogs for the month (and probably beyond May) will be numbered consecutively after that. Let’s see if this helps!

I’m still pretty pumped to be doing this; I was thinking about it even as I drank my margarita last night…In my defense, I was celebrating my little brother’s birthday at a FANTASTIC Mexican restuarant on Cinco de Mayo, and I’m about 99.99% positive that somewhere it’s illegal not to enjoy some sort of alcohol on Cinco de Mayo. We’re also going to ignore the fact that my little brother is only turning 16 and was not drinking with mom and I, but we had to drink anyways for the holiday. Yeah…something like that.

I’m honestly freaked out about weighing in tomorrow, because for some reason, I felt the need to eat naughty food today, too. My stepdad made his delicious homemade burgers, and they bought the little bro his favorite chocolate cake, and dangit, I just had to have some. It should be called “7 layers of death by chocolate”. Ever had one of those Costco cakes?! Dear GOD it’s pure sin….and unbelievable scrumptious.

Tomorrow is going to be a great start to getting my butt in gear – it’s going to (or, supposed to) be a beautiful sunny day, and my plan is to go on a nice, long walk after work. I’m also bringing lunch to work, to make sure that I don’t get tempted by the cafeteria. I’m going to pack lunch tonight, so that I have no excuse to “conveniently forget” tomorrow morning. I might even try to figure out where the staircase next to my cubicle at work leads to, and if I  can use it. 😛

Ya know…I still haven’t gotten my darn vision board up in my room. *shakes my head* I’m going to need to do that this week…WHOA….Deja vu! I’ve totally said that in a blog before…oh well. Maybe I’ll actually do it this week. We’ll see!

Anyways, I’m alreadry pretty much ready for bed. I’m going to say goodnight to the family, and to our new addition…Our new kitten, Ellie! She’s a precious little angel…I’m in love with her 🙂

Until tomorrow (FOR REAL, THIS TIME….I SWEAR!), have a great rest of your night!!!




2 thoughts on “Challenge within a challenge.

  1. I’ll be watching for your daily posts! I completed a 30 day daily writing challenge and I have to say it was so rewarding. It’s hard work and a commitment, but so worth it in the end. Good luck!

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