Day 1: Sunny days, and being a redhead

I was kind of in a hurry to get outside and take my walk today, and I didn’t even think to put on sunscreen. After all, I live in the Pacific Northwest, and 80-90% of the time, sunscreen isn’t needed. But, I’m a redhead, and I should know better by now. I walked out of the house in a tizzy, and came back an hour later with my face ridiculously red, and my freckles popping out like crazy. My arms also feel a little burned, and same with my neck. BUT! On the plus side (because, let’s face it, there’s always a plus side!) I walked for two miles. 😀

With the exception of a minor slip up (hush, Mom!), today went very well. I’m feeling really good, and I’m excited to juice tonight for dinner. My official weigh in today was 324.4lbs, which is 1lb gain, but I know that it’s from the delicious terrible eating choices I made over the weekend. I think walking and eating better this week will help tons, and I do plan on weighing in on Thursday to check progress.

So, I did have a minor melt down today (my slip up) and it involved a Starbucks Frappuccino (which I didn’t end up drinking…), and went on my walk to blow of some steam. While walking, and girl probably a bit older than me was jogging the opposite way down the street, and when I looked up, she smile and waved at me, and it reminded me of this poster:

She definitely made me smile, and even though it was just a brief moment of contact, she reminded me to just keep going, even though I had a moment of freaking out. Jogging girl, you really made my day!

On the funny side of things, I love these “Keep Calm” posters, because some of them are absolutely hilarious. And I’m a nerd. Please excuse the Harry Potter references that are about to ensue (and other funny ones)…

And my personal favorite:

So friends, the lesson of this story is 1) Starbucks is conspiring against me by offering Frappuccino Happy Hour, 2) Starbucks really isn’t conspiring against me, and I will try not to give in again, and 3) even in a melt down, keep calm, and love a nerd carry on. 🙂




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